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  1. moodyone

    TE450 and TE510 Cruising Speed

    Stock sprockets on my TE510, cruises 50 all day long, revs out over 10000 rpms, top speed 91 or 92. Amazing bike.
  2. moodyone

    DRZ to Husky?

    Think of the Husky as a RMZ450 with a license plate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. moodyone

    08 te 450 passenger pegs?

    Passenger pegs on a Husky is like putting a trailer hitch on a Ferrari!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. moodyone

    Age old tire question

    what size are you running? I have the 130-90-18, no rubbing issues, and a 90-90-21 in front
  5. moodyone

    Age old tire question

    Currently run a d606 on my TE510, not happy, I need a DOT tire since I ride roads sometimes. The problem I have with the D606 is agressive cornering on dirt, the bike wants to slide out on me, I think the knobbs are to big and dont bite on the corners. What would you recomend????????
  6. moodyone

    "08" Te 610?

    I also used to ride MX bikes, I bought the TE510, its like a motorcross bike with a license plate, The 510 is not a commuter, I use mine to ride roads to access the trails. If you change sprokets, Hwy speeds are ok. My 510 with stock sprokets rolls 91mph, but that revs hard. at 50mph you could ride roads all day. I liked the 610 but for me I wanted more of a dirt machine since I was coming off 2 stroke motocross bikes. The 610 is much more advanced then a KLR or XRL, It would take thousands in mods to make those bikes even come close to a Husky.
  7. moodyone


    Just a tip, I didnt like the stock mirrors on my TE 510, Dennis Kirk sells out of their snowmobile catalog a mirror that velcros to your left handgrip. The mirror keeps me legal when I ride the road, but when I get to the woods I remove it and put it in my fanny pack. That way I dont break off a mirror if I crash or get to close to a tree. The mirror is part number 39-1830 and is fifteen bucks. I like the dirtbike look more then the street bike look.
  8. moodyone

    '07 TE450 & TE510 questions

    Go with the 510, I bought one last year and never looked back. I came off a Yamaha YZ motocrosser, The 510 can do it all and I dispute anyone that wants to claim not the "hit" with the 510. Mine cannot keep the front wheel down. With the JD jet kit and smog stuff removed, I would put this 510 up against any 450. I can barely keep a rear tire on this bike. The Husky rep recomended the 510 vs the 450 to me.
  9. moodyone


    I have an 06 TE 510, Thinking about an exaust system. Anyone have any experience with the FMF Q4 or Factory 4.1 slip on. I see they are for 06 and 07 husky 450s. Is this product mostly for the TCs or will they rip on my TE. Any other recomendations for pipes???????
  10. moodyone

    Hey Dirt Rider Mag

    I like the fact the mags dont give Husky any press, that way people are even more suprised when we kick their A##. TEs would win heads up every time. I hate the color orange anyway. See Ya:p
  11. moodyone

    07 TE510 or TE610

    I had the same concerns last year, I bought the 06 TE510, and Have never looked back. Plain and Simple, the 510 is the most extreme dirt bike you can legally ride on a road. The 610 is more of a DRZ and KLR mix, They are very nice bikes, but for me I wanted an all out dirtbike that was still street legal.
  12. moodyone

    yearly review

    Let me reconfirm this, when I drive 60 this bike is reving at high levels, then you just keep twisting and It goes into after burner mode. It is hard to imagine how hard these engines work. I can roll 90 with stock sprockets. My valves have not moved. Rock solid machine.
  13. moodyone

    yearly review

    Bought a 2006 TE510 Last January, Have nothing but great things to say. No major problems to report. I did the JD jet kit and IMS tank. This bike held up well. I put 1500 miles on it, mostly off road miles. What a great way to ride on roads to access the trails, without sacrificing performance. The bike will roll 90mph with stock sprockets. The only downfall of this bike is it eats tires due to the massive power. This bike never stops spinning the tires. Every time I rode this bike I had a smile on my face. I am so glad I went with husky and not the other options.( I needed a street legal dual sport bike). The wisconsin DOT had no problems issuing the plates for this bike. ( Wisconsin has typically been a difficult state to plate bikes.) I would encourage anyone to buy the Husky TEs if you want all out dirt ability and still maintain street legal status. I will also say I like the yellow and Blue color scheme. I cant wait to rip into some snow soon with this bike for some winter excitement. See Ya.
  14. I know this has been discussed before, I have an 06 TE510. The stock rear tire is almost bald with only 700 miles. That is because this bike is a fire breathing dragon and always breaks the tire loose. I need a DOT tire, I ride the roads to get to the trails. Will I be disappointed with a D606, Is this tire to much street? Finally, what freaken size in a D606 both front and rear should I get. We should have a Tire Sticky Forum?
  15. moodyone

    '06 TE510 digital instrument backlit?

    My 06 TE510 has a backlit Display. I avoid riding at night, the headlight sucks and Where I live hitting deer is always a hazard for night riding. I have rode around my city streets at dusk a few times just to kill some time and clearly can see my display with the soft glow of the back light.