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  1. Eddie - I removed the carb from the bike and took it apart again. Low and behold, I had the main jet and the starter jet swapped (duh !). I also went to the blue needle at the 3rd clip (didn't see your suggestion for the 4th until I was done). I also went down to the 155 main jet per JD's suggestion after he learned I've got the DB insert and spark screen in the new FMF pipe. I also went back to the stock pilot jet because the TT Fuel Screw was having no affect. It idles and runs good now with some minor poping on decell at 300-600 feet. No, I didn't reset the TPS - didn't know I could. How do I do it ? Thanks !
  2. Just installed a JD Jetting Kit in my '08 Dr-Z400 S. It starts, idles and runs great here around sea level when applying throttle up to about 50% - then hits a flat spot. If I open the throttle slowly all the way it will eventually rev up to something like I would expect. Details: FMF Full Exhaust, 3x3, charcoal cannister removed but all vent, vacuum and fuel lines rerun to spec and confirmed tight. I live and run mostly at 0-1,000 ft but will be spending more time up to 4,000+ soon. I don't want to rejet frequently. JD Jet Kit Installed as follows: - 160 Main - Red Needle @3 (anticipating the altitude - might be my problem with the big main ?) - 25 Pilot - TT Adjustable Fuel Screw @ 2x. ps: I did have the TPS off at one point for the rebuild and it's back on now and connected. Thanks !
  3. Is anyone interested in swapping a standard or better seat for an OEM gel seat for a 2008 DR-Z 400 S ? Anything from '07 to '11 will work. I'm too tall for the gel (6-1) and it doesn't work as well for me riding mostly off road. Please send me a PM if interested.
  4. tpburke

    Swap rack for standard rear fender kit

    Thanks for your responses. The rack/bag swap is complete.
  5. I have an OEM rack that fits the rear of the late model DR-Z 400 that includes the tool kit / tube on the left side. I'm looking for someone who is interested in trading their standard DR-Z rear fender tail bag / tool kit for it - straight across. Please reply to this thread or send me an eMail. Thanks.
  6. tpburke

    Supension Shop Recommendation

    Thanks for the replies. To answer Cr's question.. I'm in south Orange County.. so SteveH's recommendation in Temecula is not out of the question- but Snider's call on Enzo looks golden as I consider the main objective ... to stay with all the homies on their 450s thru the deep woops in the dez
  7. Does anyone have a recommendation for a shop in So Cal that will rebuild the suspension on my '02 WR 250F? I'm open to taking it all apart and sending the components off to save some dough if need be.