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  1. If you are worst than america, please explain to me how it is rare to get them past customs? thousands of lasers get imported to the US every day and only a slim percent of those get confiscated. the only reason they do is because the people that order them are dumb and leave out one important detail which gets red flagged every time. Ive got a buddy over in melborn and sydney area that have more lasers than i do and each of them was imported through customs. as mentioned before, there are fool proof tricks of getting lasers past customs and luckily people who dont know this hobby also dont know these tricks I can point out your laws all i want. im not arguing them since there is nothing to argue about, you just dont understand laser laws in your own country: In Victoria, New South Wales, and the Australian Capital Territory, a laser pointer with an accessible emission limit greater than 1 mW is classified as a prohibited weapon and any sale of such items must be recorded. In Western Australia, regulatory changes have classified laser pointers as controlled weapons and demonstration of a lawful reason for possession is required. Also The State Government has banned as of 2000 the manufacture, sale and possession of laser pointers higher than class 2. In New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, the product safety standard for laser pointers prescribes that they must be a Class 1 or a Class 2 laser product. its straight forward and simple, not much to argue there importing a laser wont earn you a police visit unless you are doing immature things with it. most police dont even know the laser laws themselves. i cant count how many times ive been at the park with my 1.5W 445nm and pointing it at stars (thats another thing in its own) and the police drive by stop and come up to me in awe. they are more interested in learning about the laser and realize no harm is being done. same thing in AUS, only reason you'd get a visit from the police is if you shined it at someone or a vehicle. lasers in and of itself are not illegal (well in some parts of AUS it is) but the sales of such lasers are. Austronomers use lasers everyday, so for you to sit there and say lasers are 100% illegal is just straight ridiculousness and shows your ignorance. congrats on contradicting yourself! @the person who thinks lasers are "geeky", everyone has their own opinions and who cares if you think im a "geek". am i a geek since i can tear down a yz250f motor and rebuild it from the ground up in a day? some may think so. am i a geek since i race motocross and many dont see MX as a real sport, who cares. do you do some things that i'd view as being a geek or nerd, 99% sure its a yes. i am not sorry that i fully understand how diodes, drivers and electrical current works. i also am not sorry that i can take a cheap flashlight, drop a new xm-l u2 emitter and driver in it and make it a 1000 lumen monster. everyone has their OWN hobbies and these are things i enjoy. flashlights is a hobby to me but lasers is not. lasers are......well not getting into that since no one here seems to care about lasers, the laws around them, the dangers of them or the safety needed to take (AKA need to use glasses for certain wavelengths to protect your eyes and the cheapest pair is $50) You all can enjoy your day and ill keep posting screen caps of the dumb things you all say over on the laser forums so we can get a good laugh at your ingnorance. keep calm and bring on the stupid comments
  2. again, wrong. read my post again. lasers can do both burn and cut. you wouldnt have a CNC laser machine if it was goint to burn the product. please point out the fire from the tape burning
  3. again you are wrong. AUS limits you to 1mW instead of the 5mW here in the states HOWEVER, your customs are almost as bad as ours. its not hard AT ALL to get a high powered laser into AUS and i have many buddies over there who have imported 3W lasers. you just need to know what you are doing. even if you ordered a "1mW" laser from ebay it would arrive and be 30-100mW. customs would never take it or even care, what you are buying is presentation pointers which are under 5mW, usually around 1-3mW and are dinky little toys (not saying they are bad since i own a 3mW 650nm one that is safe to use with cats) yes they are helpful for targeting and any people buy them for this reason but still need to be careful with gun lasers since they too are very over spec. see the problem is there are mass produced in china or HK and the time needed to inspect, meter and tune each laser to ensure that they are under 5mW is much more than what they are selling them for. they mass produce DPSS modules and whatever they come out doing is what they get shipped as. a LPM will run you $150 easy for a low end on, mine cost me close to $500 and thats an expense many companies dont want to pay for since it cuts into their profit and needs to be calibrated every so often. not trying to make anyone feel stupid in regards to lasers but yet inform all of you since it seems no one has any idea what they are talking about. trust me i could flame on all of you but its not worth it and id rather inform you guys since i care about MX as well as lasers.
  4. You have got to be kidding me.............
  5. well again, you were misinformed. only DPSS lasers emit IR which is what the night vision is picking up. 405, 445, 605, 638, 660, etc...... are not DPSS but direct diode and emit no IR so will never be picked up by night vision. also DPSS laser only emit a small amount of IR since the majority of it is transfered in 532nm. IR is only a factor or concern when its about 5mW. the majority of the light pointed at RV was straight 532nm and thats the dangerous part @Keira, turn the lights off and you wont need night vision to see the beam. the beam will be plenty visible and it will be GREEN (granted you are using a 532nm laser) point and case night vision not needed
  6. what does night vision glasses have to do with lasers?
  7. Not giving immature people like yourself the means of buying lasers for harmful purposes. Mind you, shining a laser at a vehicle, person or animal is a FELONY! if RV decides to press charges then Jeff will go to jail on a FELONY!!!!!!! Not exactly true. lasers can do both cutting and burning. There are CNC machines that use 405nm laser diodes to cut plastic. only time it burns is when its wood or fabric
  8. but thats the thing, you also obviously have no knowledge of lasers since that exact laser can do damage at over a MILE away. those lasers are fixed focus at infinity, meaning its focused to the tightest possible beam to consentrate the most power at the smallest dot and then they are glued in place so the focus can never be changed. RV is dam lucky no NOTICIBLE damage took place, HOWEVER many times laser damage isnt instant. only time laser damage is instantly seen is with a high powered laser, i.e. 1.5W 445nm. only way to for sure say no damage was done is to constantly have his eyes monitored by an optometrist. not trying to be a jerk but im betting that 999 out of 1000 members here dont know jack squat about lasers. i am one of the few who actually know lasers inside and out and probably the only member who has built a laser from scratch, harvesting the diode and all. the laser jeff used, even if it was a true 5mW 532nm laser, can been seen over 5 MILES away!!!!! light is difused over distance but jeff could have EASILY done permante damage to RV from the distance he was at, no doubt in my mind or anyone else over on the laser forums. until you do research on lasers and physically test them for yourself, you have no idea the power of them. great everyone agrees lasers are powerful but its obvious not everyone knows how much damage they can do at distances. There are numerous news articles of immature people, like jeff, shining these cheap green lasers are airplanes and helicopters. mind you, airplanes fly cruise at 32,000-37,000 feet (over 6 miles high) and they report being blinded by these lasers............now explain how a laser at 100 yards isnt going to do damage. you cant, simple as that, end of discussion. RV needs to get his eyes checked out numerous times over the next few months and even years to monitor the possibility of damage showing down the road
  9. Let me start off by saying, whoever said "oh its just a laser, dont look at it and it wont hurt you" or thought something along these lines; you my friend are an absolute idiot! This is coming from a guy whos two hobbies happen to be motocross and lasers. i currently own over 10 lasers and have built numerous ones from scratch, ranging from 5mW all the way to 1.5W (just a part of my collection below) You guys dont understand how dangerous that really was. Even if it was a "5mW" 532nm laser pen from ebay, it could still do some serious damage! The only reason its listed as 5mW is since thats is the maximum ebay allows for sale due to FDA regulation (limit the sale of any laser in the USA to under 5mW without proper safety features such as delayed start, keyed lock and remote connectors). Those cheap lasers constantly meter at 30-100mW and the 532nm is a DPSS module which takes a beam of IR which passes through a filter and cuts the 1064nm in half to produce 532nm or green. The human eye can blink fast enough to protect itself from anything 5mW or under but anything over 5mW can do permanent damage and eventually blind someone. Ive seen the effects of 1W of 445nm on the retina and its not pretty at all. It leaves a permanent black dot on the retina that cant be corrected, thus leaving that eye completely blocked. The laser in question is a cheap 532nm laser pen and if the AMA had any knowledge of lasers then they'd have it metered on a LPM to determine the power output of it. I can almost guarantee it was around 50mW which is 10x the legal limit. Wish someone would contact the AMA and tell them i will meter it for free but in all seriousness, this is a huge problem and everyone is VERY lucky it wasnt a laser of quality since those can reach in excess of 5W now!!! Dont believe me on the 5mW ebay laser pens then look at the power graph taken of my "5mW 532nm" ebay laser Jeff is a freakin idiot and deserves to be punished more than what he got. People dont understand the sheer power and damage lasers can do. A laser, "just a beam of light" as some people call it, can legitimately light a 2x4 on fire without any assistance from chemicals or anything, they can light a match on fire and burn paint off objects. Lasers are not joke and are nothing to mess around with ****DO NOT USE ANY LASER WITHOUT PROPER SAFETY GLASSES THAT ARE APPROVED FOR THE WAVELENGTH BEING USED****
  10. lol sorry i thought i asked about the 450 system on a 250......sorry my bad on repeating that question
  11. will a 07-09 yz250f system fit the 06 yz250f as well?
  12. so i can put a 07-09 system on my '06 or can i only put the 06 system on....sorry i kinda got lost
  13. Im tired of looking for a good deal on a system for my '06 yz250f and i have come across sooooo many for a '07-'09 so i am wondering how hard it is to make that system fit my '06? i already have a semi-tweeked sub frame so i am looking at getting another one, will getting a '07-'09 sub frame make it so that the '07-'09 system will fit or is it more than just a sub frame that i need? if so what do i need to do to make it fit or is it impossible?
  14. livinloud

    Who has the nicest Yamaha?

    if anyone wants to get graphics like antiloop98's 450 team replica bike and dont want to buy them through europe then hit up stellar mx graphics.....they have that replica set available along with the butler brother racing team set.....just incase anyone wanted to know
  15. livinloud

    Sean Hamblin

    hamblin is the man.....i dont know if people remember his goon riding video back in the day but thats what got my attention like 6 years ago