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  1. Vossman

    Blown Transmission CRF450X

    Same thing here. My tranny locked up on Dec 26th. Honda denies any assistance claiming at first a lack of lubrication, and now after I brought up the manual and the lack of oil stated in there. They have come back denying assistance because the bike has a license plate and was possible ran on pavement, stating "that the bike was not designed for pavement use". I have asked for the local rep to call and Honda me and discuss this matter but the local DSM does not make calls to the consumer. Honda's Customer Support Center (1-866-784-1870) Angel, called today, to tell me that the parts were on back order, but the dealer should have the bike ready by the end of next week, but on any assistance I basically was told to pound salt and take it up with your dealer. I talked to the dealer again and they gave me %15 off the parts but said any other assistance has to come from Honda. They won't give me the DSM's number just his name-Norm.
  2. Vossman

    Blown tranny??

    Portland area
  3. Vossman

    Blown tranny??

    I rarely get into the higher gears riding the coast range here in Oregon. I was on the Highway for 4.4 miles at about half throttle when it locked up. I'm using 10w-40 that the dealer recommended and I just looked at the bottle and there is just under 250 ml left in it.
  4. Vossman

    Blown tranny??

    VIN# 000236 Bikes at the dealer getting repaired, Should be done by the end of the week
  5. Vossman

    Blown tranny??

    I also had the tranny in My 05 450X lock up on me. I have maybe 200 miles on my the 450X and changed the oil for the 2nd time just before leaving for Glamis. 8 miles out of camp on HWY 78 in 5th gear about 65 MPH my rear tire locked up solid and I came went for a pretty scare skid down the pavement. Once I was stopped I found I only had 3rd gear to make it back to camp. I drained the tranny oil to have 2 teeth fall out in the oil pan. Well that pretty much ended my desert riding trip for the next 8 days I had to watch the guys take off from camp on rides every morning. After returning home and taking the bike to the dealer they found that the 3rd gear was seized on the shaft and when they called the Honda Tech line, Honda basically said that the failure was due to lack of lubrication. The dealer is trying to get the Honda Rep to come out and look at the failed parts but it doesn't sound that promising. Last night I recieved a call from my cousin and he has a friend that just bought a 06 450x and he had the same failure with only 75 miles on it and the original oil.