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  1. Here is the other side!
  2. I am looking at a 1990 CR500 for $1500. I know the owner pretty well, here is what it has. Bike has FMF exhaust, 3.5 gallon tank, 18" wheel, Boyesen Rad Valve, newer tires, and just looks overall in good shape. Is there anything about this year that I should be concerned about? I like what it has cause I would like to have it as woods friendly as possible. Let me know what you think!
  3. The IRC M5-B!
  4. I think I will just pour the juice on a rag, and eat the pickle!
  5. Where at in OREGON?
  6. Good Lookin Ride Eric!
  7. If your gonna talk about it post it!
  8. I know this doesn't answer the original posted question, but the IRC M5B 140/80 18 is a great hook up tire in the soft single track stuff!
  9. The Newbie Intro, how it can save a lot of pain!
  10. Welcome to the Forum!
  11. I have the Vapor Tech and the stock odometer just in case.
  12. Let me chime in on this subject being that I think I found a tire that I may NEVER go away from and that is the IRC M5B in size 140/80-18. Very good tire for just about any terrain, especially the wet stuff we get here in the northwest! And if they made a 150/80-18 I would have it. But nonetheless a great tire for the PIG!
  13. Sorry for the delay in response but the tank is stock!
  14. Maybe this will work this time!