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  1. Hey there guys, been around the forum for a while and thought this would be a good place to ask... I just moved out to Golden, Colorado and I'm a mechanic of sorts. About 4 years experience now. My specialty is older bikes, especially enduros and 2 strokes. I'm on social security which isn't paying bills and I just need a few side jobs here and there or someone with a shop who can pay under the table. Anyone need any work done or know anyone around my area? I can do fork seals, mount tires, maintenance, rebuild carbs, rebuild some engines, brakes, chains, etc..I can do most everything except for job that require some tools I don't currently have anymore...So if you need something or know someone get with me and if I have the right tools I can give you a sweet deal on gettin your bike in shape. Thanks, -Tom
  2. I have a 1975 Honda XL 175...I'm trying to get the front wheel bearings out. Someone said use a wooden dowel but It's not working. Then again, I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing. What direction do I tap from and am I tapping all the way through or?!! I saw somewhere someone talking about using a drift...can someone please give me an in depth run down of this whole deal? Thanks, Tom
  3. psychotic_jester

    Rusted/pitted rim bead...will it still work?

  4. psychotic_jester

    Rusted/pitted rim bead...will it still work?

    OK, Do you guys think I can just sand all that down flat...and I got to thinkin about it...are the lines in the rim there for the bead to hold it in place or are those lines totally irrelevant? WHAT ARE THE LINES?!!!! LOL thanks -Tom
  5. psychotic_jester

    Rusted/pitted rim bead...will it still work?

    My cameras not great at doing up close pictures but you can kinda see what's going on...most of the rim looks like the shiny silver part with the lines in it...but theres about 10-20% that looks all pitted and rusted like that other part...hopefully these pics work...not sure I know how to post right...
  6. I have a 1975 honda xl175 which needed a new front rim. I purchased a whole front wheel assembly off of ebay and when it arrived I noticed something I was not informed of. The bead around the rim was rusted and pitted pretty bad in a few spots. I would say about 80% of it is ok(just ok though not great). I'm of course going to complain to the seller and try to get some dough back here...but my question is will it still work? If I had an option I would for sure run a newer non rusted one but I can't find much else for this bike so I'll try the rim if people think it will work. thanks in advance for the input! -Tom
  7. Does anyone know how much fork oil is spec on this bike? also does anyone have torque specs on the bolts in the front forks and how for the front axle?
  8. psychotic_jester

    1975 XL 175 fork oil?

    How much fork oil is spec on this bike? anyone? anyone?
  9. i just wanted to post this another time for those of you that missed it. the AZdual sport club. lets get some rides going and a club guys get on. organize something. http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/azdsriders/ thanks
  10. psychotic_jester

    guys in arizona

    hey guys I dunno what happened to the other arizona dual sport club but I started a new one if you guys will join up post pictures and videos and stuff from your rides and lets all get to know each other see if we can organize some ride...go fishing or soemthing, camp out, I dunno? anybody got ideas get on there post them. you all know it would be fun to meet other dual sport riders in arizona. dual sport/ offroad riders in general, all welcome http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/azdsriders/