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  1. sirbeigealot

    need help choosing first bike

    I think my heart wants the 230...I like the lower stance.
  2. sirbeigealot

    need help choosing first bike

    Let's hope so....tried everything else since high school....
  3. sirbeigealot

    need help choosing first bike

    Thanks to all of you for your comments. I havent actually done any serious shopping yet, since I was trying to get ideas from others. My son has an old XR 100 that I used to hunch on top of and try to ride...believe it or not, if the frame were larger I'd probably just use that for now....enough power to putt around...but who knows, maybe once I get on a bigger bike I will fall in love with the concept of increasing speeds and power. The two bikes I am leaning toward are the 400 and the 250...if I wasn't afraid of being considered a "wuss" I'd probably settle for the 230, since it is a lower profile frame. Is the 230 a "girlie man" bike? Would my governor approve?
  4. Hello, I am looking for my first dirtbike, and I need some advice. I am 46 years old, 5'8", 240 lbs. My son is an experienced rider, and I would like to join him. All I know is that I want a four stroke. The only experience I have had is on an XR 100. I guess my greatest concern is safety. My son rips around on a CR 125, but I just want to putt around for now, I dont need alot of power, also due to my height a bike the size of my son's is a little tall for me...I have heard that you can adjust the suspension down. Some people are telling me to get a 400 or a 450, others say that a 250 would be fine. Any help would be appreciated! My email is sirbeigealot@aol.com Thanks, Joe