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  1. mrenduro

    Yamaha YZ250 (2005)


    Love the bike, nostalgic 1970's yellow theme!
  2. mrenduro

    Yamaha YZ250 2005

    Love the bike, nostalgic 1970's yellow theme!
  3. mrenduro

    yamahayz250 dsb

    I have an 05 YZ250. When a spark arrestor is needed, I run a Pro Circuit Type 296 Spark Arrestor. The spec says it is at or near the 96dB requirement. Testing will vary, so take this as a reference point... I raced the China Hat ISDE (Bend, Oregon) earlier this year and my bike was tested at 93dB. Erik
  4. mrenduro

    One Industries Huricane kit

    Here is mine with a black clarke tank. I race GP's and XC's, so I went with the larger tank. In hindsight, I would go with the clear as you cannot see the fuel level in the black tank. But, the black looks real good! The shroud graphics are a pain. I figured out that you can take black tape and wrap it real tight on the narrow sections to keep it together while the adhesive cures overnight. Then, cut the tape off... Erik
  5. mrenduro

    Anybody move from a KDX to a YZ250?

    Hey you really are an old fart! LOL, I graduated in '84... So, I have had a KDX, and raced the heck out of it. Also raced a KX250, KTM250ex/c and now I am back racing again on an '05 YZ250. My suggestion is to buy two bikes!!! The YZ will be a pain riding with the kids, especially little ones on 65's and smaller. I personally don't think the KDX is much better, it is just no fun riding at their level with a full size bike... So, buy a little older YZ and take some of that money that you saved and buy a little bike for you to ride with the kids! I used to ride my wife's TTR125 with the kids when they were riding a TTR90 and MX80. It was a blast to ride with them because I was at their level! I could also ride on the mini-mx track with them, so I was able to have fun with them rather than sit on the sidelines watching. If you do the two bike route, just get one that will haul you around. My two older kids are 14 and 15 now, so they share a KX100 (sold the TTR90 and MX80 to get enough for an older KX100). You can get XR100's, TTR125's, YZ85's, all kinds of bikes fairly inexpensively. If you can manage it, you will get the best of both worlds. Erik
  6. mrenduro

    Aftermarket YZ250 gas tank

    Check out my garage, I have a hurricane kit with a black 3.1 gallon clarke tank. The larger tank fits decent, but not perfect. Search some of the threads and you will find that the shrouds stick out a little and I had to cut down the screw on the rear mount (that holds the tank with the rubber strap). In hindsight, I probably should have gone with the clear tank as it is impossible to see the fuel level during a race. Knowing the distances, I can play it safe though and pit when appropriate. Erik
  7. mrenduro

    04 yz250 clutch hard to pull /stock????

    I am using an MSR Pro Raptor adjustable perch/lever. I have it in the middle position, which is noticably lighter than stock. The specs say the middle is the same as standard, but it seems lighter to me. The lightest position was a little too light and made the clutch release a bit odd. So far I like it and it was easy to put on. I have short fingers, so I was also able to adjust the lever distance from the bar. The whole assembly was $45, so it was not too bad since I needed to replace the perch anyway. There are other perch/levers out there, I think ASV makes one for a few more $$$. Erik
  8. mrenduro

    Best mod ever = suspension revalve. Period!

    I agree 100%! I read all the threads and consistently the suspension was rated as the #1 modification. I tried to ride the bike stock and it was not working for me. I race GP's and XC's, it was beating the heck out of me! I am 205lbs, so I was too heavy, causing the suspension to ride in the "progressive" stage of the forks. So, I broke out the checkbook and had mine done by Pro Motion in Vancouver WA. A revalve and respring made the bike a blast to ride. It still can be a bit firm, but only if I am slowing down... My settings are in the middle, so I have some room to adjust it. However, for the moment, when it feels to firm, I know I need to ride a little harder! Erik
  9. I was at Horn Rapids a month ago and noticed the chaos at the track and sensed that something bad would happen... I am truely saddened by this incident and hope that we all can come to a solution before the lawyers do... Unfortunately this is not the first time this has happened... Brett Downey was killed in almost the exact same situation, hit by an adult rider. About Brett: http://www.mxsafety38.org/ Track guidelines: http://www.mxsafety38.org/news/0005.htm The URL above points to some actions that can be taken to help mitigate the dangers as best as we can to keep our sport from being shut down for good. They have some basic guidelines that help define what splits can be used and other track requirements. As a parent of three, it really hurts, and hits close to home. My sympathy goes out to Blake's family. Erik
  10. mrenduro

    Best Year 250?

    Here is my simple minded understanding... Since I am too heavy for the stock springs, I am riding too low in the stroke which makes it choppy. Being too low in the stroke means I am in the "progressive" section, where the fork thinks the spring is not handling the impacts and the valving starts to take over. Something like that... On the rear, to get the correct sag, I don't have the right amount of free/static sag. My biggest problem was the fork though. Also, the suspension guys say the 05 is a bit to "over valved" for their tastes. Since I am a "B" rider, I am not going as fast as a pro, and the GP course I raced was very choppy, it was like riding a jack hammer... I am not getting huge air, so it was doing just fine for that. The only other time I rode the bike was on a sand mx track, so I did not realize how firm the suspension was (sand does some absorption of bumps). The bike is built for a modern mx course, which is primarily an exercise in jumping. I need it to handle rougher terrain, but retain the ability to catch air now and then. Erik
  11. mrenduro

    Graphics for Yellow Plastics

    I have the hurricane kit from one industries on my 05 YZ250. It is pretty cool! I did buy some graphics from the yellow YZ250F (yamaha stickers, YZ stickers) to get the black letters to go on the yellow plastic. See my garage for a picture! Erik
  12. mrenduro

    Best Year 250?

    A quick comment on the 05-06 suspension change from some information I found out yesterday... According to two suspension companies I have contacted, the difference between 05 and 06 is the size of the piston(s?). They both said that it is not a huge difference. However, in 05 they introduced the dual piston forks, which was a major change from the 04. Also, one of the tuners commented that the "sss" should stand for "stealing showa's secret"! I guess the 05 and up fork internals are very similar to the showa's, too much... But hey, they all learn from each other and we all benefit! I did the research before buying mine (a couple months ago) and found that you get a great bike from 05 on up! It really depends more on how much you want to spend and what is available in your area. On a side note, I am having my '05 YZ250 revalved and resprung (for my 200lb lard butt) because I was beat to death last weekend racing a GP... The jumps were great, but the choppy stuff was no fun! Erik
  13. mrenduro

    Clarke Tank Question

    Yes, mine are out about 1/4 of an inch, like the photo above. With some trimming, the right will pull in. The left, that is another story. I am reluctant to use heat for fear of messing the graphics up. I though about making a shim to go under the mount on the left side... They don't hang up on your legs or anything, they just look a bit off. Erik
  14. mrenduro

    Clarke Tank - Seat doesn't fit right.

    I had the same problems. I just stretched the tank strap really tight to get it to fit. I also had to shorten the tank strap screw a bit, the nut was not as deep in the clarke tank as the stocker. I put a new seat cover on at the same time as the tank and had to bring it back down, on the bike, to the upholstery guy. It was bunching up, so he pulled the staples on the front and tightened it up. Since I had the bike there, he was able to make adjustments. I also have the shrouds pulling away a bit. One side I can trim up, the other I will have to live with. Another issue was tank graphics! I have the Hurricane kit and chose a black tank to get that 50th anniversary look. Well, the bigger tank makes the graphics a bit too small... But, in looking at other bikes with big tanks, the graphics don't fit perfect either. So, I lined it up as best as I could... It looks good, but not exactly what I had in mind. I had read about the problems, but purchased the tank anyway. After running into the issues first hand, I debated about bringing it back, but decided I needed the extra fuel to avoid pit stops during races. So, I have just worked around the problems. I like the tank though, it is not overly large, which is what I was most concerned with. I guess it is hard to squeeze in that extra gallon and not be off in places. It just depends on how much you want to compromise for that extra gallon. Erik
  15. mrenduro

    Oversize Tanks For 2005 Yz125/ 06 Yz250

    I have a black Clarke 3.1 on my '05 YZ250. It fits decent, but not perfect. It fits the body great, but the radiator shrouds poke out a bit. I think I will be able to trim one side, but the other is pulling away. It does not catch your legs or anything, so it is not a big deal. Both my stock shrouds and the aftermarket ones fit the same, so that is not the problem. Here is a pic if you are interested. It is not a great one to see the tank details though... http://www.sponsorhouse.com/RFS/29/084922c0-b076-4be2-9e64-998c6daab12a.jpg Erik