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  1. I have the 4.1 full titanium system and it's definitely over 2 pounds saving, most of the weight saving's is in the header!
  2. hillclimbin

    Bolt tourque

    Hey guys tried a search but found nothing, can someone tell me the tourque on the front and rear sprockets on a 2003 xr100, thanks!
  3. hillclimbin

    2017 450 Cold Starting

  4. hillclimbin

    2017 450 Cold Starting

    Just buy an aftermarket $100 battery and u will never have to do the battery warming trick again, that's what I did.
  5. hillclimbin

    2017 crf450 Dyno tuning

    pretty sure the 17 ktm makes 57.98 just like the 16 did.
  6. When was the last time u replaced the fuel filter?
  7. hillclimbin

    Need Help with FMF 4.1 Full system

    This must be just on the 250 correct? Because on my 16 450 the 4.1 system helped a lot.
  8. hillclimbin

    Crf vs kx vs sx 450's

    Ur not hurting anybody's feelings, those other bikes may have a harder hit on bottom but that's about all they got, and they're heavy and u gotta kick em, no thanks..not sure what year u have but my 16 I put the megabomb system on with a 49 tooth rear, and aggressive map and it rips!
  9. hillclimbin

    Crf vs kx vs sx 450's

    want more power than kawi or yam? Go ktm!
  10. Never had to return my bike, I've always been on a 450, just sticking up for my fellow bro's on here, as far as suspension goes I've never ridden on stock suspension and I've Owned them all
  11. first of all I ride a 450sxf, but if ur gonna troll around this forum and talk shit, then at least accept the fact that Yamaha has its own share of problems!
  12. And the welds of a frame isn't considered quality control? Gimme a break!
  13. Just like u Yamaha guys spinning those broken frames are no big deal right?
  14. except maybe the frame!
  15. hillclimbin

    '17 350 is 58hp?

    They are talking hp at the crank not the rear wheel..