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  1. Ive got a 2017 Husky FE501 that is pissing me off. It runs like crap and the magura clutch slave just broke in traffic. Come to find out that this is a known issue that KTM/Husky refuse to recall. On top of that I need to desmog, buy a pipe and ecu for it to run right. Im loosing my faith in Husky. How are the new Betas? My last one was an 07 450RR. Best handling bike ive ever owned. I was hoping the Husky linkage would get me close but they are different beasts. Are they still?
  2. +1 to the failed slave club. 15 hours @ 300 miles. Failed on the street @ major intersection in town. I could see sketch situations arise if a newer rider got ready at a stop sign. This failure is no joke folks. I cant believe Husky has not been sued. I took it in for a warranty replacement but Im not going to trust it. It looks like Rekluse has a manual slave cylinder option for us that I will be ordering. https://rekluse.com/product/slave-cylinder-assembly/
  3. Dirt_Addicted

    2017 FE 350 - Any Failed Clutch Slaves?

    Same case. I would assume same part #. I would count on it failing.
  4. Dirt_Addicted

    Magura slave cylinder failure

    Master thread here:
  5. Dirt_Addicted

    Back on TT with Drone footage @ Mammoth Bar Friday

    It is sad...MB used to be a great place to train.
  6. Dirt_Addicted

    Back on TT with Drone footage @ Mammoth Bar Friday

    Yeah I went the warranty route just because for the principal of the thing. Ive got 300 miles and 1 month of warranty left. I lost it in my morning commute to work, at traffic at a stop. Sunset and 65 in Rocklin. Ive been riding long enough to know not to panic...but if it were my son or somebody less experienced. Its not good. If a company decides their going to stick their heads in the sand on what must be a $40 part for them, what else are they going to hide. Never thought Id say it, but the fact this has not been recalled has me considering dropping the Husky/KTM and supporting a smaller company like Beta.
  7. Dirt_Addicted

    Back on TT with Drone footage @ Mammoth Bar Friday

    Valid point but I think I want the TC button which chains me to Euro.
  8. Dirt_Addicted

    Back on TT with Drone footage @ Mammoth Bar Friday

    Mavic 2 Zoom. It got cameras on all 6 axis dedicated to object avoidance. This was my first flight so Im still learning about the thing...
  9. Dirt_Addicted

    Back on TT with Drone footage @ Mammoth Bar Friday

    I got the 17 in May because I wanted as much Brembo as possible. Sure enough, the Magura slave gave out on me last week in traffic at a stop. Not good. It runs lean and I dont want to put a bunch of mods on it so it runs right. Oh well...1 month left on the warranty and then we will see. The drone is a Mavic 2 pro. I like it because it fits in my fender bag. The follow mode is good....not great. That was my third attempt at follow mode after loosing the thing twice...but I think Im starting to figure it out. Its got cameras on every side of the thing and avoids flying into stuff pretty well. I think the Rock lobster would be an ideal location for the thing and am planning on it once Roseville fixes my clutch.
  10. So Im back. Some of you might remember riding with me. I had a 2013 500exe which was sold after a truck accident. Now Im on a new FE501 which is giving me clutch and performance blues. Picked up a used 2001 KTM for a spare bike on a whim and took it out Friday. Wow I miss the simple 2stroke after dealing with a brand new FE501 issues...maybe Ill sell the 501 and stick with a cheap 2t. Man that bike is fun...even with my old 225lb ass riding it around. Anyways Im back with a decent portable Drone that Ill be using to get some cool footage in the wide opens. It does pretty good with object tracking and object avoidance. Very happy with the results. Looking forward to a meetup. Im a little out of shape, but working on it and my drone skills.
  11. Dirt_Addicted

    Georgetown pro's... need help.

    sounds like the switchbacks to the river crossing bridge that links you to the other half of the park...
  12. Dirt_Addicted

    It's a Deer Creek Kinda Thing!

    Dude you are becoming a legend. Is there a best of thread somewhere around here? Im so in on this one... Is your bike still running that hot? Whos running the camera?
  13. If your single track the wide range won't really help. do you want to stick with rear linkage? Then there is the 350. I've got a line on a real low hour 2012 350xcw that my dad is interested in selling. Pm me if you are interested....it's got under 20 hours and I think he is looking for something in the 6k range. It's rfs though. Hit me up the next time you are in the auburn area if you want I can arrange a test ride.
  14. Dirt_Addicted

    looking for people to ride with in NorCal

    Im up at south shore with my plated 500 exc. Looking to make my way to some single track...if not maybe backtrack the Rubicon a bit and see what I can find. Lots of jeepsters up here this week...Would that be a bad idea? Any other suggestions? Open to hooking up to ride if anybody is interested. Ill be in south shore all week.