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  1. tighe

    Georgetown pro's... need help.

    sounds like the switchbacks to the river crossing bridge that links you to the other half of the park...
  2. tighe

    It's a Deer Creek Kinda Thing!

    Dude you are becoming a legend. Is there a best of thread somewhere around here? Im so in on this one... Is your bike still running that hot? Whos running the camera?
  3. If your single track the wide range won't really help. do you want to stick with rear linkage? Then there is the 350. I've got a line on a real low hour 2012 350xcw that my dad is interested in selling. Pm me if you are interested....it's got under 20 hours and I think he is looking for something in the 6k range. It's rfs though. Hit me up the next time you are in the auburn area if you want I can arrange a test ride.
  4. tighe

    looking for people to ride with in NorCal

    Im up at south shore with my plated 500 exc. Looking to make my way to some single track...if not maybe backtrack the Rubicon a bit and see what I can find. Lots of jeepsters up here this week...Would that be a bad idea? Any other suggestions? Open to hooking up to ride if anybody is interested. Ill be in south shore all week.
  5. Curious if anybody is going or riding Saturday? http://www.hangtownmx.com/
  6. never mind...rerouting to another park
  7. Good to hear. I did not realize it was that different of a motor. I was getting ready to take it in for a sound check. I'm going to ride the crap out of this thing now. Thanks
  8. Just picked up a 2012 350 XCF-W with 9 hours on it for my Dad. I ride a 13 500 EXC with 25 hours. It is amazing to me how the 350 purrs at idle compared to my 500. The lower end on the 500 is clearly clankier and louder at idle...is this normal? Is is because the 500 bike is stroked? For some reason I was thinking the 350 had the same lower end, and expected a somewhat similar sound. The way the 350 idles...I cant help but think that motor is going to last longer before it needs an overhaul.
  9. tighe

    2014 exc 500 supermoto

    Im looking to do this to my 13. When would one opt for a cush drive setup?
  10. tighe

    Why 15hr Oil Change Intervals?

    Cool study. Thanks for sharing. Subscribed.
  11. tighe

    Riding GT tomorrow - Thursday 2-5-15

    Dusty. It was good times. Great pace. The trails were ours. J flew up the rock lobster on that 450 R. No fear. Good riding with you James. +1 to the list of cool riders I've met up with on TT.
  12. Going to get a lead on this rain. Im a pretty solid intermediate rider. If you are safe with a reliable bike and are interested in riding PM me. Ill be fueling up at Rowdy Randies in Auburn at 7:00 on the trails by 8:15. Staging @ Mace Mill.
  13. Here's what I'm running: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bike: 2013 500 EXC @ 20 hours JD 6x FI tuner currently set at factory fuel map (3,3,3,3,3,3) 14/48 gearing 91 octane Rotella oil Rider: 220lb 6'1" experienced street and woods rider I bought the bike for woods riding but Ill hop on the road from time to time for a 4 mile commute to work Bike performance impressions: Owned this bike for 3 weeks now. Love it. Experiencing occasional flame outs when I crack the throttle. Looking to tune this out without too much of a hit to MPG On Street -roll on 3rd gear wheelies in the midrange. Plenty of power for me. On Dirt -throttle control ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ill update this post with specs/impressions as I get this thing dialed in. What's your setup?
  14. tighe

    JD Power Surge 6X 500 exc

    I had mine on stock JD settings the the midrange was a little too brisk for my liking. Its back at factory 3 settings now. I think Im just going to try and tune out the flame outs...maybe tweak with it over time.