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  1. Sniffer

    My Pitbike keeps backfiring

    yer i think its something to do with the coil with the timing something like tha!
  2. Sniffer

    Pit Bike Problems

    i got a chinease pitbike and its fine just back wheel buckles
  3. Sniffer

    Any1 live in England on here?

    im form south wales!
  4. Sniffer

    My Pitbike keeps backfiring

    rite..the other day i was on my pitbike 110cc going flatout then it just started stopping then it started backfiring constantly, so i started it then put it in 2 4th gear and just let it roll me home without giving it any throtlle, but the day after i decided to see what was wrong with it and it just wouldnt start??