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    Since workshop not well !

    Hi guys, please help with some advise. Took my 02 CRF450 in for some maintenance work to a well known dealer. I then asked the guy there to check the valves , as i fitted new ones 2 months ago, just thought he could have a look to see if they were still good. He then shimmed the one, but told me it was just slightly out. When I got home and took it for a ride the bike had lost about 30% of power ! Couldnt get the front wheel in the air in 5th for a wheelie, even struggled to get it up in fourth ! Took the bike back the next day (100 miles from me) and the guy checked everything again but asured me everything is fine. So what do u make of this ? What can it be ? He said the timing is perfect (as per his spec's) but it feels to me theres a loss of compression ! I have never opened up the engine myself so dont know if i should take it to another workshop or what. I just know the bike was pulling very strong the one day and shit the next. Thanks for helping Cheers Apachecrf