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  1. Hey Guys, happy 2006 !! Just registered... I got this XT500 in "Not Running" cond., and cleaned the carb. (Mikuni VM34SS) The book says, 1-1/2 turns on the needlescrew. The bike runs good. Starts on first kick usually, but I'm carbon fouling, plug (NGK BP7ES) after a few hours. I tried to lean the mix by opening the needle, I keep opening the needle to lean it and check the plug frequently, I now have it 6 turns open and it still runs good, not quite as much carbon, but still some. The bike had a 13T Drive sprocket and was used in the "dirt" in Colorado. I now have it resprocketed to the factory 16T/44T set-up, and dual-purpose tires, and have the bike back on the "Street". Could they have rejetted the carb for their elevation in Colorado ? (Denver is at 5000 feet, though I do not know if the bike was used at that elevation) The bike is at sealevel now. Should I take the carb apart again and check the jet #'s Thanks, in advance for any help. You can email amytime, bcronin1@bellsouth.net or I will come back to the forum frequently. Captbruce <><