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  1. Thanks. For your guys ive orderd a 92 piston kit so fingers crossed Ill keep you posted
  2. Blackwoodz could you upload all the pucs for me please mate theres a pics of the digital vernier calipers in the cylinder and a pic of engine number off the case also.
  3. Ibe been told they only do the 90 to 91 motor with oval barrel the 1992/3 are round barrel? I think Yes 100% measured right the pisten i orderd was standard for 90 to 91 and it was around 1mm to big wouldnt even go in the cylinder? Its got me baffled, i dnt even have the old piston to compare to. Im stuck need a piston engine is fully rebuilt, just awaiting piston
  4. Tried to post a link there^ Also its says 0.249l on the barrel so its a 250? Its the old stlye barrel ? This is why in confused, it doesnt look like its been replated or any thing Cheers
  5. Ok so heres my problem, i bought a kx 250 as a 90 model but when i bought a piston for this year it arrived too big? The bore of my cylinder measures 65.9 / 66mm ? Its the old style barrel oval shape. If anyone is kind enough to help give me your email and ill send you some pics of barrel and engine and numbers etc... Im desperate ! Cheers
  6. ok so my friend has a 2004 cr85 bw, a few months ago his son smashed the 4th gear during a meeting. anyways to cut a long story short he took it apart and got new parts but then sufferd a heart problem and now hes come to put it back together and cant remember how the gears all go together ie selector barrel and shafts etc, can anyone help ie part diagrams that show how to reassemble or any vids pics anything as i cant do it it hard to pick up someones steps if you get what i mean... many thanks
  7. nice lol
  8. not to be mean but i think it looks tacky. the lid looks awsome but the cans im not diggin it bro!!
  9. ouch!!!!!!!
  10. ^^^^ very nice id say a 9 and 3/4 herers my 05 ktm sx 85 bw
  11. ur definatly mad!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. sure ya did
  13. awsome drawing, hope you dont mind but i did my best to finish it off as couldnt let such time go to waste, see watcha think, ps i aint got a scanner so its kinda not the best photo of the drawing, i just printed yours off and added my own detail
  14. hi there could anyone have a play with these two and maybe throw in my name Nathan Williamson #12 cheers
  15. i think were all done:excuseme: