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  1. GTO

    First ride on my 06 RMZ 450

    We live in New Philadelphia. Got some nice tracks here. Broken spokes, beans, crow canon, Indian Mound, are the ones we got to most. Theres a new one called Hills and Hollows I think, By Coshocton. Going to try that one soon.
  2. GTO

    First ride on my 06 RMZ 450

    All I can say is what a GREAT bike! The power is unbelievable. The bike handles awesome. I can lug around in a corner in 3rd gear and come out of it like a slingshot. This bike is perfect for me, and I'm 41. Only problem is I got it dirty. The kid did great on his RM 85. It's going to be a great summer.
  3. That is going to be a HARD one to BEAT........OOPS!!!
  4. Yes rebuild. I got a 1977 Ford F250 4X4 (HI BOY) and it has been a great truck.
  5. GTO

    My new bike and graphics!!!

    Cool! I got a 06 450 for Christmas. Can't Wait to ride it.