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  1. Hello all.. greetings from Fairhaven,mich 30 miles northeast of detroit Just bought a REALLY NICE 520EXC while down in Florida over the holidays.. It's my first 4 stroke... I have ridden my buddies often. I go way back with KTM's.. in fact I rode them when they were Pentons!!! I just sold my 1988 250 exc 2 stroke.. nice bike.. on e bay a month ago.. thinking I was getting out of dirtbiking for good... but I could not resist this 520... scotts steering dampner, pro- action front and rear suspension with special springs and dampneing set up for woods riding to my wt... really nice plastic and K style graphics and black rims...IF NOTHING ELSE.. IT'S GREAT GARAGE ART!!!! wHAT'S THE BEST OIL TO USE... AND THE BEST FILTERS ALSO PLEASE??? Perhaps we'll cross paths in the words someday this spring.. greg long