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  1. yz250f stud

    kick starter

    i decompressed it and kick it and it just snap off
  2. yz250f stud

    kick starter

    it was oem and i was using the decompression lever
  3. yz250f stud

    kick starter

    where it goes in the crank case
  4. yz250f stud

    kick starter

    Hi everyone I was going out for a ride with my friends today. Then I was trying to start my bike and it wouldn’t start so I kept on kicking it and then the last kick I did the kick starter snap off any suggestion. Thanks. I ride a 01 yz250f if that helps.
  5. yz250f stud

    Quiet exhaust pipe

  6. yz250f stud

    Quiet exhaust pipe

    where would u get the insert at
  7. yz250f stud

    Quiet exhaust pipe

    but is the pc4 a little quieter then the stock exhaust
  8. yz250f stud

    Quiet exhaust pipe

    what would be a good quiet exhaust pipe for a 01 yz250f and would give more power than a stock pipe?
  9. yz250f stud


    about 10,500 for the 01
  10. yz250f stud

    YZ250F Reliability?

    i mess around and race at the same time and never had a prob. with the D-Bike
  11. yz250f stud

    02 250f start ??????

    the gass is mabey old clean it out at the carb
  12. yz250f stud

    need your input

    should you hold the clutch in when you are jumping a jump when your in your in the air, and is it bad if you dont
  13. yz250f stud

    Is this normal

    when I turn off my yz250f it back fires is this normal or is this bad
  14. yz250f stud

    Over Jumping...

    jump it and hang on and see what happens
  15. yz250f stud

    hitting the track?

    try practiceing getting close to other people in the air and the ground so when you race you get used to the feeling of someone really close to you