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  1. check here and make sure to watch in HD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mumTIkfRxm8 enjoy
  2. MX_Rider_

    REV (mod for MX vs ATV Unleashed PC)

    yes it's free... go to page 1, read first post and go here to learn more: http://www.mxg-hq.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=932 or http://www.mxg-hq.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=34
  3. MX_Rider_

    REV (mod for MX vs ATV Unleashed PC)

    click the next link: http://www.mxg-hq.com/rev/ and push the download button at the bottom of that left picture... make sure u visit http://www.mxg-hq.com/forums/ for more faqs...
  4. MX_Rider_

    REV (mod for MX vs ATV Unleashed PC)

    Yea, maybe because you are using stock tracks... but forget stock tracks and many mcm factory custom tracks... if u want a good feeling about the gameplay try to use a gamepad, a ps2/360 style with analog preload, control of the rider... Please try too the following track: http://www.mcmfactory.com/display.php?cat=mva_tracks&id=2020 imo it's one of the best to try with REV, because have decent scales and a very realistic environment and feel... in future i hope track creators will make many more like this, because the bike don't float and it's all about entering with the right speed on the rythm sections... the following link have a few more recomended tracks with more true to life scales and i'm sure if u prefer simulation instead of unreality, u will find some "magic" again... http://www.mxg-hq.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=2541&start=0 but in again there isn't yet a track released made purposely for REV!!!
  5. MX_Rider_

    REV (mod for MX vs ATV Unleashed PC)

    Anaheim 1 2010 Replica for REV: http://www.mcmfactory.com/display.php?cat=mva_tracks&id=3695
  6. MX_Rider_

    REV (mod for MX vs ATV Unleashed PC)

    sorry, it's only for the pc version!!!
  7. MX_Rider_

    REV (mod for MX vs ATV Unleashed PC)

    yes it's free as long as you have the original mx vs atv unleashed for pc... if you don't have you can buy your original copy very cheap at ebay!!! I disagree, people can't play reflex on pc... they need to invest in a xbox360 or a ps3 and personally I think REV it's better in terms of physics, simulation, bike models, skins... then reflex!!!
  8. Put the kids to bed, let the microwave dinner burn; the riders are at the start gate... As the new season of Motocross draws near, get ready to dust off your old copy of 'Mx Vs Atv: Unleashed' for PC and go bar to bar with a fresh new update called REV. At first glance REV is simply an expansion pack for 'Mx Vs Atv: Unleashed' on the PC. Underneath, it is so much more. REV features a new realistic physics engine, improved collision system and great online play. It also contains brand new 2010 factory bikes and kits to keep the game up to date. REV also features a clear new menu setup, greatly improved in game HUD and graphical enhancements. For full details on the contents of the expansion, please read the forums. REV will be supported by frequent updates including new bikes, kits, tracks and other improvements. Check back here once in a while to keep up with the latest instalments. So get ready to use realistic physics and rise the ranks and become the top Motocross racer. Use engine breaking, scrubbing and proper weight distribution to edge out the competition. Let the 30 second board fall sideways, REV your engine and prepare to immerse yourself in the most authentic Motocross experience yet. See you at the start gate! Download REV: http://www.mxg-hq.com/rev/
  9. MX_Rider_

    Thanks for the Races Slick!!!!!!!

    Thanks Slick... I really appreciate your time and effort for bringing those races, so people can watch it all over the world... god bless u!
  10. http://www.mininova.org/tor/968956 http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2tqpw_sport-kenny-festival-2007_events if u like and want more pls seed
  11. MX_Rider_

    MX world GP rd1 race2 torrent

    i hope u could do a better 1 for us dl next time... could be next race in spain - rd2??? i m a bit piss not only because of ungratefull... but mainly because almost 10 guys have the race 100% complete and its only me who is seeding... i have mx2 rd1 in here: http://www.mininova.org/tor/647212 maybe its the last i will share
  12. http://www.mininova.org/tor/654370 pls seed