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  1. MACHO104

    chad reed socks josh hill

    I heard it was started by a "your momma"commit.
  2. for older people, when they don't smile any more from doing it for younger folks, I say when they can operate a bicycle on their own...without training wheels!
  3. I was always told if you can start, you can ride it. fyi I'm 5'6" and getting shorter
  4. MACHO104

    06 RM250 RC: Ride it or store it?

    being that it is a 2 stroke............................isn't it already a collectors items.j/k looks awseome.
  5. I can tell ya this, rbm33 is at least an "A" rider woods or mx anywhere and thats the bike he rides! Notice it is set up for woods. Just because a person really likes to make their bike look good doesn't mean they don't rip on it either.FYI he was a close second on my voting. Maybe he will post pics of him hitting 110 foot step ups or monster hills ........... great job to all of you for making me go dang!!!!!!!
  6. plus he Hecklerize it to the max.........................I keep coming back and looking at it! I got bike envy now!
  7. all are great looking bikes..............but Heckler.................I would put in in the house!Nicest bike...model......art work.......I've ever seen! I'm a yamaha fan also! ps you sux cause I got thoughts in my head now!
  8. MACHO104

    Pet Stories.....(positive thread only)

    I just had to put my boxer of 13 years to sleep. The best dog a family could ever own. The only dog my kids have known as a pet. She was my AA dog when she was younger and would run with me in the woods....if I could have put #'s on her she could have smoked Ty Davis! She loved to just follow the wife in the house everywhere...she had to keep her in sight. When friends would come over she knew she would get extra loving. Nala would let them sit down, then come over sit on their feet and lay her head on their knees.(94 lb female) She had a system,lol. But time took her strenght away and she could walk no more. So the hardest thing Ive did to date in my life was take her to the vet for the last time.She now rest on a hill over looking our place. So this weekend our family got a new boxer name Gracie and a tea cup chihuahua name Izzy............I'm a boxer lover lol, but Izzy is family also. Nothing beats puppy love!
  9. MACHO104

    My new 08 WR450

    the front brake hose looks like its going across the top of the tire?right side to left side? Is it just an illusion? nice bike anyways
  10. MACHO104

    DIY Video Tutorials

    contact Zoothoot from Zoothootindusties.com HE made the GMB fims
  11. MACHO104

    Who's been riding 30 years?

    1973 yamaha 60.....with stock power band,lol.
  12. MACHO104

    Digital calipers

    it depends on what I'm measuring and how tight I need to be with my measurement. +/- .002 not a problem. On the outside diameter of an item its real easy. But doing inside diameter, I would use a telescoping(sp) gage then use a mic. Unless your specs are just wide open. I see alot of machinist screw up using the inside measurement with calipers.It also depends on the brand you use also.
  13. MACHO104

    Are Women Cheating More Now?

    Its simple guys and gurls. Both must give and expect nothing in return as for growth. As for sex................I'll use a line I heard on a show, if you take your spouse out to eat chinese..............its not over until both of you have had your cookie. Ive been married only once, to my bride of almost 20 years. I've never cheated.............don't care to either.If you rock her world in every way possible....................I promise she will rock yours! ps I still chase her around the house and the kids think its gross,lol. But they know I love their mom.
  14. visit www. Riderdown.org
  15. MACHO104

    valve clearences

    you can also times it by .03937 and convert it.