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  1. andyho

    Bike review of my 2015 CRF250R

    The linkage from PC or Works Coonection lower the bike and that means that the showk will have to travel less which makes it less jumpy on the brakeing bumps, especially going down hill into a corner. Check our track on you tube, search for "Uringe". The club is MX Stockholm. Anyhow lowering is probably very personal, most of mynmates havent changed but it worked for me. The Honda shock is made for 160 pound guys and if you are like me 185 you really need to max the compresion check the sag, i run 105mm. I can also recommend Stephan Everts tips on riding sand on you tube, very good stuff. The last Nations was a blast to see what sand racing is all about, Carioli on a 250 kept up with the 450 guys, thats just badest guy on the planet, great to see RV in MXGP next year. The MXGO has been a circus and curropt the last year, now there is hope.
  2. andyho

    Bike review of my 2015 CRF250R

    Super review, must agree. I have had 2010,12 and now 15 CRF 250 model and the power must be getting better as the 010 and previos was so weak on the bottom when riding sand it was a problem if you wieghed more than 180 pounds. I weigh in at 190 and race most 450 guys with my 250 on sand and i always beat them on the inside line as there freight trains dont turn. What i can reccomed is to drop the back end with Pro circuit linkage and install a pipe. The new Ogio throttle tube is also a must makes the new spring in the throttle work even better. I personally think that most weeknd warriors ride there forks to hard on compresion, its all about letting the fork do the work and not your body.. Thanks agian
  3. andyho

    Blown valve cover gasket

    Hi I have now solved the gasket leakage problem, the gaasket must be replaced as stated in the manuel. And yes you have to use a tourque wrench. After riding 2.5 hours this weekend i have no leakage fron the value cover. Talked to a gasket pro wich works as a mechanic in heavy machine industry, and he confirmed that gasket have a certian tension in them and can ony be compressed once otherwise they loose flexibility. Sometimes your are lucky and can use them several times bu that is luck, so word to the wise , don´t be cheap replace gaskets. andy
  4. andyho

    Blown valve cover gasket

    I have not yet used a torqu wrench but iam going to this time i put in a new gasket, Maybe i have been tightning to tight so the gasket leaks? andy
  5. andyho

    Blown valve cover gasket

    I think i have found the problem, why is the gasket being blown? 1) There is no excessive pressure in the valve cover compartment, Good otherwise blocked oil cooling channel or wrong compression in chamber. 2) Not to much oil in the oil-pan, wich could have resultet in blown gasket. 3) Ventalation hose blocked, no not blocked or dirty. 4) Bad gasket, after removal of cover and not being replaced, this probably the problem, even though most guys don´t repalce the gasket it deos state that it should n the manuel. Soluition to come this week. andy " the swede"
  6. andyho

    Blown valve cover gasket

    My valvue cover gasket on my rmz-450 has blown three times in the last days with lots of oil leakage. I have used silicone filler chnaged gasket, whats wrong? Seems that there is two much pressure in the valve compartment, this started to happen after i service the cam-chain tensioner. andy