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  1. SASK_TK

    My XR650L is stalling?

    I was on the highway the other day and my XR just dies. I pulled over, checked to make sure i didn't run out of gas, tried staring it, and it fired up. I continued on my way and a few miles down the road the same thing happened. I was close to home so I switched over to reserve and made it home. Taking a closer look I couldn't see any problems, but found that after a few minutes of just idling it stalled. But seemed fine running on reserve. Any ideas? It's a 2002 and all stock for now, I'm just about to do Dave's mods, pipe etc. Is there just a screen (maybe plugged) in the fuel line at the tank or is there a filter I'm not seeing? Any help would be GREAT!
  2. I've got a stock '02 XR650L and after 2 months of riding I'm feeling the itch to get what i can out of the beast. I have to smog block off kit, a UNI filter and I'm going to remove to snorkel (all standard stuff I know). I also want to re-jet and put a new spark arrestor pipe (on the quieter side) on. What I want to know is what has worked the best for you guys at approx. this elev. to avoid the trial and error. I really want more bottom end and do a variety of riding, probably 50/50 on/off road. Is re-jetting a do-it-yourself for the basic back-yard mechanic? Thanks a Million for any replies! PS-Has anyone used the Edge 2 Tail Light kit?
  3. I'm purchasing the bike from a dealership without seeing it . Having it shipped is way cheaper for me. The bike has 3600km and is all stock. The salesmen says it's in mint shape and barely been off-raod. Any suggestions on specific questions to ask or info i need to get before i buy it? I've done a lot of research on thumpers before deciding on this one, so i know the XR will work for me. I guess i just want to cover my ass before buying the thing. Any help would be appreciated. THANX