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  1. shkdwnnj

    New boots

    I havent bought new boots for a long time!!Bought a new bike so i figured i get a new pair of boots too. It was the worst weekend, i couldnt shift properly. I kept kicking into nuetral. Just felt like sh@t riding with them. I almost was going to leave and get my old pair. I dont ever remmember this happening with boots i bought in the past!! Are these new boots on the market more restrictive then one from 7-8 years ago. Is there any tricks to brteaking them in quickly or is iy just going to take some hours nomatter what i do?? Thanks for the help!@!!!!
  2. shkdwnnj

    Honda Dealer!!!

    Thanks,, i appreciate the feedback!! I agree with all of you, i just wanted to hear it from somone else!! I figure if they do the bike for $4800-$4900 that will be about a $2500. savings!!! Thats a decent amount of mods.
  3. I went to the Honda dealer yesterday to pick up a new 450, i was going to get the black limited edition with the black plastics and black rims. It was $7399. (i think). Anyway, While i was there i noticed they had a left over "2006"CRF450 (RED) for $4999. i couldnt believe how cheap it was. Now i dont know which one to get. I was planning on ordering a One Industries Graphic kit anyway and it would almost be worth just to buy the black rims if i realy had to have them!!!! I know there are a couple of changes from 06 to the 08 models but i dont race professionaly. Im just going to be going to the local track (EnglishTown, NJ)!!!! So what you guys think i should do??? I appreciate your advice!!!
  4. shkdwnnj

    One Industries Graphics

    I love the Doug Henry kit!! Im sure One industries will sell w/o the plastics just go to there site and call em or email!! Ive called them before they are extremely helpful
  5. shkdwnnj

    Dont be this guy...ever!

    Didnt even have the brains to make his freind DELETE the video!!!!!!
  6. shkdwnnj

    KTM 450xc - new graphic

    I think it looks great! Nice bike!! Did you use a blow dryer?? Thats why you probaly fought with the graphics!
  7. shkdwnnj

    quad crash

    He deffinately stop gasing it in the air!!! I have a Raptor660 and that thing nose dives if you stop gasing it even on small hits!! I also had a banshee and it was very jump freindly!!! my .02
  8. shkdwnnj

    Grant Langston Replica

    Thanks, I'll definately check it out!!!
  9. shkdwnnj

    Grant Langston Replica

    Towards the back of Racer-x (not this months issue for somw reason) and/or Transworld and DirtRider, there is a consistent ad showing his bike it normaly has Tedasco's bike to...
  10. shkdwnnj

    Grant Langston Replica

    You aint kidding, Procircuit/monster does it with the klx110 pit bike often, i see them being sold by kids who have no idea what they won and dont ride!!!
  11. Bubba looks great BUT had RC not ate it in the whoops rc would of had'em.. Reed looks good!!!! I couldnt beleive RC went down like that after taking 1st, Hes is definately kicking himself in the ass!!!!
  12. shkdwnnj

    Grant Langston Replica

    Thanks!!! Thats what i was looking for, i thought maybe you were able to buy a Replica of Langston's just like suzuki sells a replca of Carmicheals. Appreciate it!!! Gotta admit its one hell of a nice looking Kawi
  13. shkdwnnj

    Grant Langston Replica

    The full bike, do they sell complete?? and where can i find one?? Thanks
  14. I've seen them in many mags but can you buy them like you can the RC replica and if so where do you find it??? Thanks for the help
  15. shkdwnnj

    Who`s going to win this weekend?

    I agree many are missing the will from reed to win this season. In my opinion hes ready for JS and RC