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  1. SoCal WR426

    Bad Back

    I'm glad you brought up the inversion table, I was going to ask that question myself. Does anyone else have experience with them. All of your ideas are right on the money. I have the same numb yet aching ankle thing that can come and go. The hang from your elbows with lower body dead weight helps some times but it's hard to get it just right to make it work. I'll try the arch the back thing too. Thanks
  2. SoCal WR426

    Trying to get my bike Title

    Monday call to the nearest one, even out of state and if they don't cover your area ask which other company offers the most similar services for your area, just a thought. Maybe they call themselves something else down there.
  3. SoCal WR426

    Trying to get my bike Title

    Call the triple A Monday, good luck:thumbsup:
  4. SoCal WR426

    Trying to get my bike Title

    Obviously they can only plate what the state allows. In CA many bikes can't be plated period. Also, in CA they don't issue green or red stickers. They will do the sale/transfer but not the stickers. Let me give you an example of their superior professionalism. I have a truck and a truck camper. The portion of the truck license fee is a lot due to being a F350 and the fee is mostly for the commercial weight. The short story is that my license fee is based on the weight the bed can put in and take off. If the camper was on all the time, the fee would go away. That is the law. Now how you deal with it is a whole other story. The DMV answer is, huh? The auto club knew exactly what I was talking about and how to deal with it. Just an example. One was a long, line, wait, no answer, get supervisor, call some where else, still no answer. AAA, two minute wait and couple of minute answer.
  5. SoCal WR426

    Trying to get my bike Title

    The difference in service and knowledge. Have you ever dealt with the DMV and then with the AAA? World of difference. My experience is that the auto club wants to resolve your problem, the DMV wants to make it worse. At least in my state the AAA can perform any service related to transfers, etc. The are authorized to hand out plates, etc, etc.
  6. SoCal WR426

    Trying to get my bike Title

    The very first thing I would do is join the AAA if you are not already a member. For that small fee you can then see a person who can often times perform DMV functions more quickly and expertly. Also, the possible good news is that the bike is a 2006. That is 3 or 4 years ago. The odds are in your favor, most bike financing is limited to new bikes and the term is not very long, two or three years. The odds would be that the loan might well have been paid off by now. Banks are notorious for being slow or remiss in clearing the title when the loan has been paid off. Not because they are crooks but because it is a low priority item for them. Get right on it and if you are lucky it will turn out OK.
  7. They roll them. Sorry, I couln't help myself.
  8. SoCal WR426

    Lucerne Vally accident.

    No one is sweeping anything under the rug. This type of thing has definitely been on borrowed time to occur and it is sad that it takes this many lives and injuries to bring it to the fore front. That being said I still take great exception with the Center for biological diversity and the Sierra Club to take but a nano second to jump into the fray. Yeah, I guess I am wadded that these organizations want to capitalize on this occurrence for their own gain. They are not going to attempt to make this safer, they will attempt to close it for any and all motorized use. Their untimely insensitivity to push their own agenda at the expense of the victims is crap.
  9. SoCal WR426

    Lucerne Vally accident.

    The quote below is disgusting and pathetic. If you have ever doubted who your enemies are all you have to do is look at those who attempt to profit off of your misfortune. “The feds have allowed a 'Mad Max' atmosphere to develop with too many people and too many machines crammed into too little space,” said Kieran Suckling, director of the Center for Biological Diversity, a nonprofit environmental protection group. “The feds don't have the resources, and apparently not the interest, to regulate off-road vehicles properly.” http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2010/08/california-200-and-other-races-foster-dangerous-mad-max-atmosphere-critics-say.html
  10. I just wanted to post up my advice on removing a stuck allen head oil filter bolt on the bottom of the engine case. I searched the forum and lucked out. I cut an L-shaped allen wrench to go into my counter-clock wise hand/hammer driven impact wrench. Sprayed PB blaster a couple of times, let it soak in for a couple of hours while lying the bike on it's side. Hit the impact harder and harder until it started to come out. I then put in the upgraded six-cornered bolt with o-ring. No heat was used. Good luck if you have the same problem. Be smarter than me and swap the bolts prior to the problem happening.
  11. SoCal WR426

    New $18/yr. Vehicle Lic. Fee in CA for State Parks?

    In this tough economy a lot of non park users are going to balk at increasing their registration fees. The fees were increased alot last year.
  12. SoCal WR426

    New $18/yr. Vehicle Lic. Fee in CA for State Parks?

    In reading your current post the bolded portion made me reread the article and the supporting info. Thanks for pointing out my error. As I first read it I thought it was to buy and additional "window sticker" for each vehicle per user/ purchaser. As you point out it is an additional fee for everyone andded to your registration fee. I stand corrected. Since I like to bitch about something then I have a number of collector cars that will never go to state parks. So, anyway I turn, I spend on fees. Oh well The story of my life:lol:
  13. SoCal WR426

    New $18/yr. Vehicle Lic. Fee in CA for State Parks?

    Another issue is the coastal "surf parks". Almost all of San Diego is part of this situation. I feel for residents near the parks. During the summer many people who do not go to the beach often will then park and walk to avoid the fees. Many residential streets will be impacted by the increased usage of the "free parking".
  14. SoCal WR426

    New $18/yr. Vehicle Lic. Fee in CA for State Parks?

    Maybe I'm not understanding this. Ocotillo Wells is one of those listed. Right now I pay nothing to go there other than the money I pay for vehicle licenses (plates and OHV stickers). Now it would be $18 for my truck, $18 for my enclosed trailer and $18 for each bike I take out of the trailer? Another point is currently my enclosed trailer license is about $5 for a few years (perm. plate), therefore this fee will cost more than my license fee for the whole trailer! Currently there are no controlled entry points to OW. How do they propose to monitor the access? OW is surrounded by vacant land outside of it's boundaries. There will be a tremendous growth of use outside of the park, how is that to be handled?
  15. SoCal WR426

    Carb issues! HELP!!

    The first question is why do you think it is too lean? The extra fuel in the bowl is irrelavant, too much fuel creates rich, not lean. But when you reassembled it the fuel level was set when you "refilled" it after fixing it. Back to the main issue. Why do you think it is too lean?, Popping, high idle, hot pipe, what are your indicators of the lean condition? When you turn the black knob(that you now know is the idle screw) did the idle change? Did it change gradualy or turn it a bunch and then the idle moved? Some times the cable from the knob flexes due to dirt at the carb end of the cable.