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  1. Why not part out the 06' you have and buy a new/used 06' KX450? You can pick up a nice used one for $2700 - $3300. I would imagine you could get $350 or so for the wheels, $300 maybe for the fork, $150 shock, $100 or so subframe, $100 maybe for the swingarm etc. etc. By the time you calculate it up you might be ahead money wise with less of a headache. Einstein
  2. Go to Factionmx.com they have a calculator specifically for this. ~Einstein~
  3. I don't see how anybody who really rides can say any tire other than Dunlop is the best. And no, I don't work for dunlop. 756 front and rear unless you are in pure sand. RR's if you can afford. You won't be dissapointed. ~Einstein~
  4. Have any of you 08' owners tried stiffer springs yet? I am wodering what effect it had and if you think it is an improvement. Thanks.
  5. The oil will blow off and raise the outer chamber slightly compared to what you intended. Probably will be hard to notice any difference I would say.
  6. I own a 2006 and don't "wildly abuse the clutch" or any of that, change my oil religously and still experience significant increase in clutch play ( 1/4 inch or so). I don't want an even stiffer clutch pull, so I guess I will just live with it till I can pony up for a Hinson. Since Honda has continued to improve the clutch every year, obviously they are aware that there are issues. just my .02
  7. I'm guessing by your findings that you have a very thorough air filter cleaning regimine. It is amazing the correlation between truly good filter maintenance and not having a problem with the valves. What is your routine and what oil have you been using. I have been using Maxima FFT but am considering Rock oil sffwp or whatever since it is water soluble. Anyone tried it?
  8. I have both 08' and 07' OEM CRF 450 systems and have measured them with a micrometer and the outside diameter measured identical. The reason I was measuing was because of what they said in MXA. I question what they know though because the also said the rotors have new mounting tabs and they were really just confused by there own picture. I would also question the difference because no other publications noted the supposed new "tapered" pipe. Just my .02
  9. That is odd since the pipe makers often list part numbers as fitting 06-08's. Plus I have put an 08' pipe on an 06 and it fits perfectly. Honda has made no mention of any update to the 08 exhaust from 07 other than the supposed tapered head pipe. Are you sure on that RHC or am I missing something?
  10. FYI my Homeowners policy does not cover my 450, but I bought a separte policy to cover theft only and it only costs me $12.00 a year. Not too bad...
  11. No, they (the 125 components) are manufactured by Kayaba. The 450 SHowa.
  12. Does anybody know if the 08' shock spring is stiffer than the 07/06 rear spring? thanks. Einstein
  13. hi guys, If anybody has the origional springs they would like to sell me from their 2008 only, p.m. me I also am looking for a stock exhaust too. Thanks in advance. ~Einstein~
  14. I guess the Factory Honda riders past and present (Carmichael, Windham, Millsaps, Short etc.) must just be idiots that don't know what to look for in a bike. Maybe if the MXA guys were going fast, they would appreciate what the steering dampner can do. I anticpate that the forks are so treacherous to ride with that every rider that buys an 08' will just endo or swap out because of the poor performance of the fork. Honda has only been developing and had that fork in production for 11 years now so I am sure they are still just trying to get a baseline setting... ~Einstein~
  15. As far as MotocrossFiction goes, I personally think they look for opportunities to manufacture problems and then ride in on there pro-circuit touting horse and solve the problem that they create in there readers minds. For the average rider who buys todays bikes, I don't think you use much of its potential and all the MXA gobble-de-crap is useless banter simply made up to fill lines on there burned-out-20yr-ago magazine. I have ridden the 06',07&08 CRF 450 and prefer the 06' motor and the 08' handling. I always laugh when year to year Honda makes small changes and when you read MXA its as if you are reading a test of a different companies bike. But they still fill the pages with advertisers not to mention the 1/4 of an issure devoted to pro-circuit...