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  1. motocross

    You want “Smack Talk”? I’m merely letting you peons “think” your still in this game!!!!
  2. motocross

    Hey!! I don’t think he’ll go!!!!!
  3. motocross

    I want some "Long time" with the Asian chicks.
  4. motocross

    It's on U.S. dirt, so he thinks he can win. That's the real reason.
  5. motocross

    Check out Week 1 young buck!
  6. motocross

    Only one direction left for you!!! YOUR GOING DOWN!!!!
  7. motocross

    I think AP in a tight, year long battle with JMart.
  8. motocross

    JMart should know a thing or two about Mud.
  9. motocross

    My pick goes to Stefan Everts or RC.
  10. Wasn't he involved in a turn 1 pile-up? I didn't get to watch the race, but this is what I heard.
  11. I think RV went overseas hoping/thinking it would be easy money. He quickly learned that it was not going to be easy at all. Then he “injured” himself so as to be able to keep a substantial amount of his contract money.
  12. Not because RV was taking an European Vacation???
  13. While I agree with your assessment, I also agree it comes across as Bush-league.
  14. motocross

    I pulled a point on ya!! (We both Suck!!)