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    anything with two wheels(motor or not) and skiing(water and snow)
  1. yeah but in the second moto Davi washed the front end out and moved way back in the pack...that kid pushed hard and made it all the way up to 4th. He might have have to gain more experience up on the 450 but I think when he gain the knowledge it takes to race up top, he will be right there pushing James and taking the lead when James wrecks.
  2. Sans crainte

    Bringing more business to my shop?

    my buddy does the same thing out of his garage on the side...and it just keeps picking up by word of mouth. Just keep doing quality work and being patient, your work will keep coming more and more. Good luck to you man
  3. Sans crainte

    yay i sold my yzf250

    I second that.... it would be more helpful if people just gave the plus or minuses of the bike that they own(ed)
  4. Sans crainte

    Desmodromic valve

    a couple of my buddies ride Ducati Monsters and they have had no problems with the valve train...but they have to check there valves about every oil change and they are always adjusting them every other oil change. So they seem to be pretty labor extensive...more so than my CRF...but then again i change my oil every ride and don't know how many miles I have on my CRF
  5. Sans crainte

    Honda Commercial

    anyone see the Honda commercial with Davi and everyone else is blurred out? I love it!!
  6. Sans crainte

    Marietta, Ohio

    anyone from around the Marietta area?, because my family goes boating on the Ohio river over the weekends alot, but I'm usually riding and don't go with them. I was kind of hoping that someone from the area would be able to give me a run down of all the tracks in the area or close to the area so that I be able to take my bike and get to ride and boat with the family. Can anyone help, please?
  7. Sans crainte

    dual pipes

    i've never had the truck dynoed neither did the previous owner...I did take it to the track and with out sprayin I ran a 13.45 list of engine mods are: MSD 6A ignition Mopar performance heads 13:5.1 Mopar performance cams Mopar Performance headers Mopar Performance throttle body Mopar Performance remapped computer Nitrous express w/35lbs. tank underdrive pulley kit 180 thermostat custom air intake Flowmaster exhaust... no catalytic converters and each header has its own can and exhaust piping My tools are pretty limited...I have only lived on my own for about a year now so I am slowly aquiring the tools I nees. But its also nice working for a company that give you a key to the maintenace garage and I can go there and use any tool imaginable. if you look to the left of my truck on the ground you'll see some wrappers and to the right of my bike there is a pizza box just barley on screen haha
  8. Sans crainte

    dual pipes

    Thanks...yeah it is a 5.9L R/T Dakota. I got really lucky and bought it off a guy that was going through a divorce(not so lucky for him). He gave me a really good deal on it considering all the engine work that he put into it. I love the truck until I pull up to the gas pump.
  9. Sans crainte

    dual pipes

    My Mom came over to steal back the digital camera(haven't taken the plunge and bought my own, so I go over to my parents and steal theirs) As she was leaving she took this picture cause she said it looked cute cause they both had two tail pipe thingys.... look at this picture and tell me if you think its cute?? http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e105/sanscrainte/dualpipe.jpg
  10. Sans crainte


    on the pipe 2 has a good variety of riding and is put together pretty well
  11. Sans crainte

    Counter sprocket seal leaking

    any special brand of condom that works better than others??....do you need to stay away from from any certain kinds of lubricants?? lol
  12. Sans crainte

    the best feeling

    My head has been a lil crazy lately. Everyone is fighting at work, which just plain makes it hell to be there. A guy that I grew up knowing and was like a second father to me is battling brain cancer. My grandpa is also in the fight with cancer. It just seems like my head has been out in left field somewhere filled with way to much thought. But today after work I loaded up the bike and went to the track. I just rode laps and it was the best feeling in the world. I didn't think of anything from the outside world. I put all my energy and thought into the bike and the track. Everything just melted away, even if it was for the short lived time that I spent out on the bike. Even the drive home my head was calm. It was the best therapy that I think i could ever receive and even though I will wake up tomorrow and have to face these problems until they get resolved....I'll just wait till its just me, the bike, and dirt again.
  13. Sans crainte

    Can I Over Rev CRF450R ?

    from riding my buddies bikes, (honda, yamaha, Ktm) they were all different. You just have to feel were the power band is on your bike.
  14. Sans crainte

    your longest time off the bike?

    i finally got back to the track after vacation....long overdue ha, but it felt good
  15. Sans crainte


    Thanks Shawn, I have been swaying more towards MB1 as it is so i'll give them a call and see if they can help me