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  1. rr558

    Sell 3 Bikes for an '18

    I 2nd the power not being an issue but I don't know if I would sell 3 to get 1 as you might have buyers remorse . It is a better bike than the 09 but mostly because of fi but it's heavier too . The 09 450 is one of my favorite bikes ever (17 350sxf is my fav) and I've had a ton, currently have 16 450 now with big $ Enzo susp. I've ridden a couple of new 18s and they are nice .
  2. rr558

    2016 maping or ecu change

    I tried the stock map and it was softer thank the mxa map . It's not slow by any means , it rips mid and top . Maybe it has opened up air screen , I'll check that out
  3. I just picked up a low hr 16 450 with an fmf 4.1 slip on and the power down low is really soft . I have tried loading mxa's map on but it's only a little better . I was wondering if I could put a ( stock mapping ) 15 ecu on I have laying around and would it do any damage to the bike ? thanks guys
  4. rr558

    17 vs 18

    Has anyone ridden a 17 and 18 back to back ? Just wondering how much better the 18 is . What do you think a difference in price would make a new 18 vs new left over 17 ? thanks guys
  5. rr558

    2017 conversion To 04 frame

    If that is the biggest issue it doesn't sound too bad. I could just get 04 lower clamps or a set of RG3's. Now just have to find a clean 04 frame
  6. Weird question but would it be possible to convert all the parts from a 2017 yz 250 to an 04 frame ? I like the way the steel frame yzs handle compare to aluminum . Plus it would give me something to do this winter. haha . Thanks guy
  7. rr558

    How often do you Bleed the fork Legs?

    I used the Slavens bleeders this weekend and I could definitely tell the difference when I bled them vs before I hardly did it at all . Money well spent imho
  8. rr558

    Wheel ?

    Both , so I just use my spacers then ? thanks
  9. rr558

    Wheel ?

    Hi guys will 2014 FC 450, 250 fit on a 17 sxf 350 ? thanks in advance
  10. rr558

    17 350 slip-on ?

    It's for my 17 350 . thanks guys
  11. will a slip-on from a 450 fit a 350 ? also is there a difference between the an FMF slip on and the stock muffler ? The stocker does seem a little choked up . thanks guys
  12. I'm 51 and 200 lb mid pack vet A rider coming off a 14 yz450f. I now have a 17 350 now and couldn't be happier . This bike handles awesome and has plenty of power there are 2 must haves IMHO up 1 tooth in the rear and the quicker throttle cam they give you it made it like a different bike in a good way. The suspension on the 17 350 is as good as the yammie . I will probably never buy a 450 again . I have ridden the new ktm 450 and would still keep my 350 over that also .
  13. rr558

    17 250sx-f

    I've been on yamaha's for the last 15 years and now have a 17 350 and can say the new fork is every bit as good as the sss forks . I've ridden them back to back and love the 17 forks