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  1. You guys can laugh, but with my little 80 I have turned about 10 neighborhood kids (and several of the moms) into dirt bike fans. I live in NYC so big/fast/loud bikes are out of the question for ripping around on in the street. Also, the nearly stock (and quiet) PW smokes the neighbor kid's CRF150 even with me on it, and I paid $400 for it. There are no jumps or whoops on my street so the suspension is fine, and this will never be a serious bike for me. All the mods my friend mentioned above are done or are in the works, except for the pipe. Need to keep it quiet. If you want to make fun of me, go ahead, but wait till you hear this: my PW80 is the one with that horrible pink/fuschia color scheme from back in the early nineties! Still looking for a source for a bigger sprocket...
  2. Hello, Anybody know where to get a larger rear sprocket for a PW80? I don't need the top speed but at 235 lbs I do need more revs coming out of tight turns. Thanks Dan