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  1. Hell On Wheels

    1998 rm250 good year? I need to know fast!!

    I have a 98 and absolutely love it, i love it so much ive invested 3 grand into it in the last year. Ive had CR's YZ's KX's SX"s pretty much every 2 smoker available and i have to say this is one of my favorites, I agree with what everyone else has posted 100%, this bike tuned right is a force to be reconed with, put a lil money into it and tune it right you'll be a happy man I have 2 friends that i ride with every weekend one has a 06 Yz 250 and the other has a 02 RM 250 both are stock with just pipes and jetting and they will tell you personally my 98 throws them a spankin just about every weekend
  2. Im going to look at a 05 250F tommorow, i havent been on or into the 4 strokes in a long time and i want to cross over with a good bike, so far i Hear this is the way to go, Has anyone had any signifigent problems with this year model?? Or ant i better off looking at another year??? Last but not not least If purchased any recomendations on good aftermarket modifacations??? Thanks for your help in advance.
  3. Hell On Wheels

    Just a question

    I kinda figured that it would be more expensive, but by how much??? I do a top end on my RM almost every 3 months if hidden hard or alot, how often do you have to do a top end on a 4 stroke??? and how much is the average cost??? im tryin to compair price to duration between overhauls???
  4. Hell On Wheels

    Just a question

    I got a question and chances are im gonna get flamed cuz its probably been brought up a 100 times but im new here so hopefully someone will spare me and help me out. Ive been riding for 12 years and its been nothing but 2 strokes 4 me except for the occasional ride on a friends thumper but ive never owned one, well i want one, the reason being is im tired of havin to work so hard to compete , i mean lets face it I have a RM250 and ive had to dump 3 grand into it just to make it competitive against these new 450s which weigh a pound more and make alot more power stock, but from what ive heard cost of maint. on a thumper is alot and i dont want to have to break the bank if i dont have to, so if some one could let me know a round about how much it is to maintain one and how often it has to be done id greatly appreciate it, im looking at the YZ250F cuz i heard there the most reliable and make good power in there class is this true?