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  1. Repost Police. Have fun reading that.
  2. realuser

    Funny video

    Atleast he said something that fits. 4 strokes = Shit.
  3. realuser

    Wakeup Call

    My God...
  4. realuser

    Sooooooo...Now I'm a bi-tard...

    Haha. nice. Smart comment on tommy's part.
  5. realuser

    This Is AMAZING!!!

    Jesus.. you cant even watch it. Its nothing but effects. Everythings all mixed together.
  6. realuser

    braking in new boots...

    I have the same boots. I like the stiff feel they had. Made me feel way safer. Unlike other boots, they arent unconfortable when they are stiff. My other boots i just sat there and bent them every which way while watching tv. Way faster than everything else suggested... Btw, yesterday i was in second gear just cruising through tall grass and a branch wacked my leg a little above the ankle. It hurt encredibly bad. Took 30 minutes before i was able to kickstart my bike and ride home, i was alone. Im way surprised they didnt offer more protection. Im limping around school now >
  7. realuser

    Do you jump?

    I dont get it :\
  8. realuser

    Two stroke or Four stroke??

    2 stroke. 4 srokes are for old people who cant control a 2
  9. realuser

    Don't throw your used tire away

    I made a wall clock out of an unused tire(like two years ago)
  10. realuser

    Muddiest bikes!

    you need to clean your bike eh. You know what TT stands for? Clean Bikes, duh. I usually don't take pictures of my bike until its cleaned
  11. realuser

    Giving the sport a bad name

    uhh. Why do black people call white people white crackers? Its could be taken as a compliment actually. Considering it came from the slave times when the white folks would crack whips at the enslaved. Making us white crackers....shame.
  12. realuser

    Can you guys see the video?

    yeah could see em both.
  13. realuser

    Giving the sport a bad name

    dude that was sweet! WHAT ARE U GUYS TALKING ABOUT?!
  14. realuser

    I have a retarted problem.

    IF you want the honda, and still want green since you want to get used to it, just buy green plastics. Yes, they do make green plastics for hondas, and so forth all the colors for all the bikes. But that really is a sorry excuse to not want to buy the bike that you want.