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  1. scooterS

    Lets see the 250 Motards!

    '04 CRF250, Motomaster Brakes, CHM SM-1 exhaust, Pinit modified suspension, Supermoto Engineering sliders and catchcan, etc... btw, get the 19/21 supermoto tires from A&A racing http://www.aaracing.com/
  2. scooterS

    Riding/Action Pictures Of You On Your CRF250R

    here's a couple of mine...
  3. scooterS

    A couple wheel/rim questions

    That hub is the Excel "Universal hub". You need to also purchase the modular carrier ring specific to your bike to fit the hub to the sprocket and brake rotor (I believe you want part #RCS-1427). These guys are the distributor for that wheelset: http://www.ftmbiz.com/mx_pro_series.html While you're at it, make sure and tell your dealer what morons they are for selling you the hub without the carriers in the first place.
  4. scooterS

    Goodbye 4strokes, hello KTM

    interesting. I'm thinking of going the other way. I've got an '03 KTM 300 MXC that's a blast to ride and has tons of power and everything. But after two seasons of racing supermoto on my '04 CRF250R, and plenty of dirt training rides, I've decided my 250R is more fun (even with slicks in the dirt). I figure a 250x has to be a ton of fun for play riding and occasional hare scrambles. The 300 is just too much power and leaves me exhausted after a day of trail riding. I hope to be putting my KTM as well as my '01 XR400 (that I kept for the green sticker) on the market this year or next and replacing them both with a 250x.
  5. scooterS

    West Coast Shootout

    Just signed up for the 250 class. can't wait
  6. scooterS

    Brake Caliper question

    I ran an EBC 320mm rotor with my MotoMaster caliper for a couple races and it worked just fine. But the EBC is definitely thinner then the MotoMaster rotor I have now, so I would imagine it could eventually warp.
  7. scooterS

    Dunlop SM Tires

    Haven't tried the front yet, but I really like the rear I have on there now. From what I can tell it's not worse then the Dunlop K108 I ran before. And it's definitely better then the other brands I tried before switching to Dunlop. oh, and the SM tire is quite a bit cheaper then the road race tires. That's real "seat of the pants feel".
  8. scooterS

    Video clips from 8/1/2005 Stockton SM Practice

    Good stuff Nate. I was hoping you got a shot of me passing you. It was a fun evening out there Monday. I wish I would have got there early enough to run the track backwards, but otherwise it was all good. For the last 20 minutes or so I had the track all to my self. Got to try a bunch of different lines and even snuck on to the dirt section once Scott #974
  9. Hey Jimmy, I'm planning on being there Monday. got new tires to scrub in
  10. scooterS

    TLD 2 Laps to Go trailer

    I got my copy in the mail on Monday. It's very very cool. two thumbs up! http://www.supermotoracer.com/july_2005_posts/tld_dvd_july21.html
  11. scooterS

    Street legal conversions in California!!!!

    Here's your guy... http://www.joeracerproducts.com/ It says on his website that they can only do "green sticker" bikes. I expect the kx450 will be red sticker. Good Luck!
  12. scooterS

    Saw the new Dunlop SM tires this weekend...

    I talked to Rochelle from A&A about these tires on Sunday. She told me that Chisum was really happy with them and said they were as good if not better then the road race Dunlops. They also seemed to wear well, just like the road race tire. The rear only comes in a 160, but he was running it on his 5" rim just fine. They just got the tires in on Thursday, so this was the first weekend out. I understand they sold several sets over the weekend, so we should start hearing more feedback soon. There's only one size front and one size rear, and only one compound. I'm not sure how the compound compares to the road race compounds. Call A&A for exact pricing (650-654-1669, can't find the 800 number), but I'm pretty sure they're about $275 a set. Tell 'em Scott sent ya
  13. scooterS

    maiden voyage (stockton)

    Go ahead and build it. I don't live anywhere near Fresno, but I'd drive out there to ride on it. btw, I was at Stockton too. Had a great time. It was a good day. Scott #974
  14. scooterS

    what tires do you use?

    Dunlop KR106 soft slick front, Dunlop KR108 medium slick rear on my R. But I'm racing Supermoto, so that probably doesn't help ya much I have a Dunlop 756 on the back of my KTM 300 and I like it for pretty much everything. Scott
  15. scooterS

    Who's headed to Fon-Tucky ?

    http://www.supertt.com/ click on "Next Event"