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  1. toddaroma

    Beta Xtrainer 300 (2016)


    nice bike
  2. toddaroma

    Beta Xtrainer 300 2016

    nice bike
  3. toddaroma

    '07 450xc/450xc-w

    Today I went to KTM dealer to look at these bikes.according to the 07 offroad broucher,both the xc and the xc-w have the big bore/short stroke motor 95/63.4mm. Most of the threads on this forum indicate the 07 xc-w has the long stroke motor of the exc.I am leaning towards the wide ratio trans,but would like the short stroke motor with it.Is KTM's printed specs. incorrect? KTM's website does not list the 450xc-w.Unforunately the salesman was not sure himself.Thanks for any clarification.I'm hoping for an orange Christmas this year