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  1. thanks for your help fella,s I ,ll give one a go and see how it works cheers
  2. thanks for that . Being a 525 I really dont need any more power however i do feel it could be more responsive off the bottom for a more instant drive when going over logs and the like. did the power now seem to give a more instant hit at low speeds ?
  3. has anyone tried one in a o5 ktm 525exc ,did it work well , where was the power gain and was there any jetting changes required / cheers
  4. To follow on from my original question re 18mm triple clamps , My suspension is pretty well set up , Sag is correct , I weight 93kg so i have a heavyier spring in the rear and had the forks re valved to suit . I run a steering damper and michilin s12 front tyre . my forks are slid up thru the triple clamps to the second line from the top.What I find is that the front end is less than confidance inspireing on rocky downhills and feels like it wants to tuck under or not hold a line thru flat corners I put a set of 16mm offset triple clamps on my old 02 400 exc and they were awsome HUGE differance. I was curious to see if anyone has tried differant offsets and what the results were. where i ride has everything from mud , loamy pine forests , single trail to gnarly rocky hillclimbs so I need a setup to handle all conditions Cheers
  5. the big tank and fan work really well ( it gets pretty hot in oz ) The clamps on the hose between the two radiators quite often dont hold pressure . replace them with some good quality ones and you might find your problem is solved for only a few dollars cheers
  6. G,day , just wondering if anyone has used 18mm offset triple clamps on a 05 model 525exc and what results they had cheers