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  1. Keep in mind that the EPA Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel spec's will go into effect by the end of this year and early 07. This will drive the price of Diesel higher also.
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    Where are all the old timers?

    My Geezer stat's Born in 1959 Many Mini Bikes 72 Honda SL 125 Stripped-Knobbies-Petty Fenders- etc... Raced MX on this till-- 74 Honda CR 125 Elsinore-----Then 76 Honda CR 125 Elsinore----Then---- 76 Honda CR 250 Left Side Kick start--- Yamaha IT 200 The year escapes me? 84-85? Honda XR 200--Year ? My trail riding bikes. 87 Yamaha YZ 250 Many street bikes, the one I got my Lic at 15 yrs old was a 73 Honda CB 100. After 15 years without a dirt bike I am in the market for one now, hence being on this web-site trying to learn something. Nothing but good memories from the above!!!