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  1. Ouch. Next time you have a bent up/destroyed/leaking radiator, use Myler's. http://www.motorcycleradiators.com/newshop/index.php $35 to a max of $100, no matter how messed or mangled up it is. I haven't personally had to get any fixed (thankfully), but I've heard lots of great things from people on here about them. I know they're the first ones I would go to. Here's two pictures from their site showing before and after; http://www.motorcycleradiators.com/newshop/mylers/images/6b.jpg http://www.motorcycleradiators.com/newshop/mylers/images/6a.jpg
  2. What area in PA was it? Just curious. I wouldn't say it had much to do with their skin color/race, but the fact that they more than likely grew up in a family that didn't teach them what I would call common sense. The immature punk attitude is all the kids may know because that is how they were raised. While it definitely does not excuse their behavior it is at least an explanation. There are always exceptions to the rule, but overall I'd say it's pretty accurate. You made the right decision in not going and starting anything because it would have most definitely escalated. If it was a place that requires registration to ride, report them to whoever runs it/works there. If it was a public area with no real management, find a new place to go, or go at an hour when most people wouldn't be there.
  3. Venom 1000TT

    Do you dislike freestyle motocross?

    The entirety of MX, Enduro, GNCC racing, etc. is to show off and prove you were the best that day/season. So to say you hate it because you don't like the fact people are showing off is extremely hypocritical. You say the sport goes out of its way to generate a negative image but that's just you focusing on the rotten apples of the bunch. There are plenty of kids who ride MX and trash talk, break the rules of the track, ride unsafe, and do stupid crap all day long. They give MX a bad name when people who know nothing about it end up getting their first impression from them. The same thing goes for FMX, and dirt biking as a whole. Letting a few idiots judge an entire branch of the sport for you is kind of sad to see, but it's pretty common now. The irony in that argument is that it's exactly what organizations like the Sierra Club use against OHV's and the offroading community. Spreading BS about how all of us are rednecks who ride around drunk and knowingly destroy the environment for no reason other than a good time. Just because you go out to a desert and snap a photo of one inbred hillbilly on an ATV with a cooler on its back doesn't give them the right to judge hundreds of thousands of people, does it? Same rule applies here.
  4. I've heard that said before. People say it's harder on the clutch and transmission too but if you think about it, that doesn't make any sense. I'm slipping the clutch and shifting WAYY more often on trails than the street, which is no doubt harder on it. The roads are a lot less jolting on parts than trails are as well, so that can't be it. Unless I'm missing something, it's just a myth. I can understand what someone above said about when you let off and downshift in-gear, there is little fuel going in and high RPMs, so lack of lubrication could cause problems. But to be honest, since 2-strokes have extremely little engine braking, I wouldn't ride it and downshift the way I do on a 4-stroke. You're gonna be more reliant on your brakes since you have a lack of engine braking. Also, this is a pretty common thing on the trails too, and my engine seems to handle it fine. I would maybe jet it a little richer if you're already running anything leaner than 32:1. Anything else is pretty much standard with what you do now if you ride trails/track.
  5. Venom 1000TT

    Manufacturer's ignoring market?

    It sounds to me you should pick one of your own bikes, with the best of what you want out of it. For example, if you like the power of the KTM and the lightweight feeling, then take it to a suspension shop and get it set up for you. Buy what parts you need to make it into the trail bike you want. I don't know all that much about 300's but if you want to tame it down a bit for trails a heavier flywheel is a good place to make the power a much more broad output. Get some sprockets and gear it for the trails you ride (Be it mountains, forest, or flat terrain.) Instead of dishing out money for a whole new bike, turn one into the dream machine and sell the others (Or sell one and make the other back-up). With all the money you save from it vs. buying a new bike, put the rest into savings for the "SHIT JUST HIT THE FAN" fund. Now to answer your question, the manufacturers aren't going to put out 50 different bikes to suit everyone's individual needs. It wouldn't be economically sound for them. That's why 3rd party part manufacturers are a thriving business, because they insure you can take that $8,000 dollar blank canvas you just bought, and make it EXACTLY what you need.
  6. Venom 1000TT

    Should i sell my bike?

    There a lot of videos on you-tube (MotoSport put a few up, I know) That show you step-by-step how to dissassemble a fork tube and replace seals, etc. Depending on what is wrong with it, it might just need taken apart and cleaned out with new seals. Maybe a re-charge at a dealership. Linkage, I've done by myself with a manual and a few common tools. The hardest part is removing the bearings but that's not THAT hard. You can buy a tool for it or make one yourself using a long threaded bolt and washers. Buy a small propane torch and heat it up so it comes out easier.(Look in the do it yourself section on this site, and search for linkage) My bike had a rusted linkage when I bought it for about $1500 USD, 4 years ago. I replaced everything and gained the knowledge to do it again if I had to. You might as well as learn if you love riding, as bearing lubrication is something that needs done once a year, or every other at most.
  7. Venom 1000TT

    Watch for snakes!

    I live in PA too and those things are all over. Had a 6 foot long one sunbathing in my yard and I accidentally rode over it on my bike, since the grass was high. I just thought it was just a stick till I came back around and it was curled up and pissed off. They're supposed to be "good" and eat rodents and stuff, but all they do is annoy us here. Had a family of 4 or so nest in our garage attic when I was younger. Opened the garage door one day and 3 fell out, big ones too. One got stuck in the garage door.
  8. Venom 1000TT

    First ride with my go pro 960

    Sweet, thanks. Is it easy to hear/understand what he's saying over the bike/wind and such?
  9. Venom 1000TT

    First ride with my go pro 960

    Videos look really nice. I like the 3rd mount personally. How well, if at all, does it pick up your voice if you were to talk while riding? Something I've been curious about and haven't seen anyone mention anything about it. Would you have to yell for it to pick up the sound, or would it pick up normal talking? Its pretty close to your head so I would have to assume it could.
  10. Venom 1000TT

    ksr wheels

    The size of font and a broken caps lock key made me feel like I was reading something a 5 year old wrote. That reason alone I would never buy from him. The reason he does that is when people see "Reserve" they'll think, "Oh, he probably wants a lot for it" and will be less likely to bid. No reserve = not scaring them away. He cancels it because he's not getting what he wants out of it, but won't put a reserve on it because he wants people to actually bid. AKA he's trying to rip you off / he's a moron. Possible combination.
  11. Venom 1000TT


    Myler's could probably fix that for 40-50 bucks. $45-$55 in total beats paying $200 something for a new one.
  12. Venom 1000TT

    CR250 Attacks WR250F

    Next time you bust a rad check out http://www.motorcycleradiators.com/our_work.php They have a good rep with the community here and that 300 dollars could have been more like 50 dollars.
  13. Venom 1000TT

    Shifting Problem.

    Alright I'll keep that in mind. I came home this weekend and was gonna see what I could do, I went to mess with it and at a stand still its letting me shift it. Which it wouldn't last time even at stand still when I was riding it. I'm hoping something just got knocked out of place momentarily but that doesn't make much sense to me. I'll give it a ride tomorrow and see what happens. Thanks.
  14. Venom 1000TT

    Shifting Problem.

    I took a ride a few weeks ago before heading to college, and during the ride out of no where the bike stopped letting me shift into 2nd gear. It'll go into first and neutral fine but it wont let me put it in 2nd. I didn't hear any grinding or weird noises when it happened and it shifts between 1st-Neutral fine. What parts should I expect to be broken when I open it up for a look and how much would you say they typically run. Thanks.
  15. I've made a few but the one that I can remember right now is when I bought a new jug of transmission oil off a friend for my bike. Drained the old, went to pour in the new only to find out after I poured it all in its pissing out of the drain hole I never re-plugged. Yay wasting 10 bucks in under 10 seconds.