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  1. freetimeod

    Thoughts on a YZ250F in the dunes?

    The only bike I would ever take to the dunes is a BEATER bike (unless money means nothing). It is so hard on everything, the motor is only the beginning. Chains, bearings, tires, sprockets...you name it, sand is hard on it.
  2. freetimeod

    Wr250f no idea what's wrong with it

    That sounds like dirty carb to me. You probably knocked off some varnish when you took the carb off to inspect the head.
  3. freetimeod

    New excited and disappointed 07 450 owner

    I don't know, but it sounds like a classic valve clearance problem to me. Hope you haven't been sold a bike with the valves run out.
  4. freetimeod


    Yup...for some reason there is NOTHING there and these bike breakers strip the clutch, flywheel, stator assembly off when they bust up a motor...you would think there would be some around. I did see one but it was a package deal for the state, flywheel and ECU $420...too much to pay for just a flywheel. Worst case scenario I can buy a new stock one for $169.
  5. freetimeod


    I posted this in classifieds, but haven't had a bite and I am getting desperate. 2001/2002 are odd years in the WR engine as to stator flywheel configuration. I need a 01' or 02' WR250F (or WR426) flywheel. Anyone have one laying around they would part with? I have a 2000 WR400 stator that I am pretty sure will work, just need the flywheel. Thanks!
  6. freetimeod

    i ruined my bike

    The one thing I have learned (a great life lesson for me) in working on bikes and the motor particularly, is to take your time and read the manual while you are working, TWICE. It is like carpentry, "measure twice, cut once". The only difference is the outcome is 20 times more expensive in a motor error than it is in a wood cut. Even just from a time standpoint, I have put things back together, gotten it all buttoned up and realized I forgot something or put something on wrong and have to tear the thing completely back down. I HATE WHEN I DO THAT.
  7. freetimeod

    Engine Rebuild Question

    Does an 03' (and presumably several more years) fit into a 01'/02' case? I looked at Hot Rods and they don't even sell an 01/02 crank. I know things changed when they went to electric start in 03' with the crank, flywheel and stator...I have to find a flywheel as well and they don't sell a flywheel at Steahly for 01'/02' and I can't find anything besides new stock. Can you give me some guidance? I wanted to build a super easy hare scramble bike and lose the e-start and battery, but have the WR tranny.
  8. freetimeod

    Engine Complete Rebuild Questions - BBQ & Beer Reward

    Wow, I am in the exact same boat with ya man. I guess it is one of those "dive in" types of processes. I am sure a good mechanics model specific book is helpful. I am going to do my first one on a $175 bottom end I bought on eBay....then if it isn't perfect I am not out a whole lot (unless of course it grenades and I loose the whole engine).
  9. freetimeod

    Engine Rebuild Question

    2001, I have been told somewhere else there should be lateral but now diagonal or up and down...true?
  10. freetimeod

    Engine Rebuild Question

    Ok, I have rebuilt top ends before but this is my fist time to pcs. together an entire motor. I bought a used lower end. Case bearings seem ok but there is lateral play in the connecting rod. Is this normal or should this be tight. I don't feel any up and down play. Thanks for the assistance from someone more knowledgeable than I am.
  11. freetimeod

    Could ues someone else's experience

    Thanks, I was leaning toward that with it being that year, since the guy JUST reshimmed it, I thought maybe it was carb related. I bet he didn't shim it to spec as I mentioned it started fine before he worked on it. Unless there was valve damage after the crap out, which I would have thought he would have seen when he was in there.
  12. freetimeod

    Could ues someone else's experience

    In a nut shell, have an 2004 CRF 250X. Top end sort of (didn't eat a valve) crapped out. Turns out the cam bearing gave out and lost a shim. Shop that worked on it didn't find any top end damage and replaced cam with a hot cam stage one, something else I can't remember and reshimed as they said the intakes were tight. The bike started perfectly before the work and crap out. Here is the issue, the bike won't start at all without choke and then only when the ambient temp gets above 80 degrees. Even then I have to roll the throttle up a crack to catch. I have been up and down the slow jet sizes as well as the main jet. Once the bike starts, it runs well, although it is way to rich right now. Does this sound like a valve issue or perhaps a carb circuit issue? What other circuit affects starting besides the slow jet? Obviously, it isn't getting enough fuel without choke on and the ambient temp being up, but the fact it runs fine once it does start is a mystery to me. HELP!
  13. freetimeod

    New to forum, upcoming CRF250x build

    Long story, but it so happens I have exactly what you are looking for already built and probably cheaper than what it would cost you to rebuild yours from scratch. I have a 2008 engine with a Athena 280 BB, an R cam with stainless valves. Less than ten hours on a total rebuild.
  14. freetimeod

    Help with FCR AP o-rings

    Do you mind emailing me that photo, it isn't showing up? freetimeod@msn.com
  15. Can someone post or describe where the 2 o-rings that go inside the AP diaphragm housing go? There is a small one and a larger one. I did the Honda nipple mod and they fell out, but I don't know where they go back in and I can't find a photo anywhere of re-assembly. Thanks