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  1. Here's some footage from the front fender of my 01 yz250 in the NW Desert from last weekend. It's my first time in the Desert and only the third time riding the yz... I love the bike though... I let a couple of my buddies ride it as well. It's interesting to see the different riding styles in the videos. I'm still getting used to the 2 stroke powerband so I'm not very smooth yet. I shot this with my VIO POV 1.0. http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=31986E21F265F7E7
  2. phlewid

    Sang-Froid Alley Sweeper - Portland

    Thanks for posting this... It sounds like a blast. I'll be there for sure.
  3. I just had my triples off last night... I noticed the same thing. I got the castle nut where I wanted it, and then when I tightened the stem nut, the bearings felt like they were too tight.
  4. phlewid

    anybody running extra lights on the wrr?

    Here's my setup... I run heated grips as well... I have the switch from them wired so H=Heat and L=Light.. Basically I can't use them both at the same time... Works like a champ though.
  5. phlewid

    WRX - Fuel pump problem?

    It could be a connector... I recently had a similar problem after transporting my bike in my truck. It would turn on but the fuel pump never pressurized. I took the whole bike apart and finally found one connector that was pulled loose near the radiator. I had accidently strapped around one of wires near the steering head when I loaded the bike and it pulled the connector out.
  6. phlewid

    WR250 R/X Photo Gallery.........

    These are the lights. I sanded and painted them flat black. I made the cover myself on a 3D ABS printer I have access to at my job. I'd be happy to share the CAD files if anyone uses the same lights. http://www.shopatron.com/product/product_id=PIA73052/353.0
  7. phlewid

    WR250X/R Footpegs.

    are they any higher than the stock ones? i'm looking to raise my feet off the ground a bit... stock pegs are too low for me.
  8. phlewid

    WR250 R/X Photo Gallery.........

    Here's my X with the dirt wheels... I just mounted the PIAA aux light. The rear tire is a Pirelli MT43... Freaking awesome Dualsport tire for where I live. Works awesome on the street (especially in the rain), grips like crazy in the woods. That's mt. hood in the bg.
  9. phlewid

    Knobbies on an X ?

    get the 21/18 wheels from wheeling cycle supply and swap your x brake rotors. That's the setup i've been running and it works great. only takes about 30 min to make the switch.
  10. phlewid

    There Will Be Dust....at Eddieville!

    yep. sunday is the day. can't wait.
  11. phlewid

    There Will Be Dust....at Eddieville!

    Innerrage and I are still planning on going along with one other... it may rain on saturday, but hopefully it stays west.
  12. phlewid

    Eddieville weather cam on it's way!

    I'm still planning on attending tomorrow with 3 friends... please let us know. If you don't get the webcam, is there any way you can just post some pictures for us?
  13. phlewid

    Eddieville Saturday?

    Anyone going up on Saturday? We've got three of us ready to go if the conditions are decent.
  14. phlewid

    Eddieville weather cam on it's way!

    please keep us posted... i've got 3 friends that would come up with me this saturday if the weather is good enough.
  15. phlewid

    Anyone been out to Jordan Creek Lately

    Well, it looks like the weather isn't going to be so good for the coast range. Man, where is the place to ride in the winter around here? How's four corners? hi denny, phlewid