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  1. You forgot Navistar... 4600 here...and don't forget the King of pickups
  2. I see many posts asking or discussing basically the same question.... What should I spend money on to go faster???? And I've seen many differnt replies... Suspension, Jetting, Porting, Reeds, Cams, Blah,Blah,Blah, I've given this Way too much thought, but here is what I believe to be (In my opinion) The definative list of how you should prioritize your resources in order to be faster ..... #1 PHYSICAL CONDITION; Get your sorry Butt in the Gym or on a bicycle or on the road, and build up your strength and cardiovascular capacity. NOTHING in this sport matters as much as your physical condition! #2 SAFETY EQUIPMENT; I don't care who you are or if you have the natural ability of James Stewart, you WILL "wad-it up" at some time. It is not a matter of "IF", but of WHEN"! Buy the best, spare no expense here. Padded Underwear, Jock strap, Moto sox, Kidney belt, shoulderpads, elbow guards, knee guards/braces, boots, pants, jersey, gloves, Roost protector, Leatt brace, Helmet, goggles, tear-offs! #3 SEAT TIME & TRAINING; NOTHING will make you faster than practice, and not just time "taking laps", because this type of time is better than no time at all, but does little to show you a better way. Directed practice under the tutilage of a pro. This doesn't mean that you have to hire RC as a coach or go to the Millsaps facility, but there are lots of fast locals who you can observe, and local pro teachers that will help. Also Books and DVDs are a great help (Gary Semics series is my personal fave) #4 CONTROLS SET UP; Getting your MC to "fit" is critical in going fast. Pegs, Bars, Controls, Grips. Take the time to "FIT" your bike to you and your ergonomics. #5 JETTING; A correctly jetted engine is the BEST power increase you can possibly make, most of us have never ridden a well jetted bike (I know you don't agree, but its true) This is also inexpensive, jets are cheap! #6 STOCK SUSPENSION; There is much available within the stock setting of your suspension, Clickers, Oil height, Oil weight, Fork height, Sag. You would be surprised at the results you can attain just by learning how to adjust your STOCK suspension! OK, Now ONLY after exhausting items 1 through 6 should you consider spending significant resources on modifications, #7 GEARING; Tayloring the gearing to your riding ability and the MC's power charecteristics will make the bike easier for you to ride and find yourself in the right gear at the right time. #8 TIRES/TYRES; Getting the bike to "Hook-up" is a critical next step. This is where the "Rubber meets the Road". Different tracks and conditions require different tires. #9 BRAKES; Now that you are going SO much faster, you need to be able to stop faster. Technique will go a long way here, but larger disks & better pads will also make huge gains on some machines, (some are GREAT stock and need no help at all) #10 SUSPENSION MODIFICATION; Re-valves/Re-springing to your weight, conditions, riding style, speed will produce real results. Again, you get what you pay for. While there are many knowledgeable locals, there are documented experts out there too. This category also includes non-stock offset triple clamps and linkage mods. And FINALLY #11-25 ANY MOTOR MOD; You aren't going to want to hear this, BUT.. You can't handle the power your MC produces today (Unless you are already a PRO then why are you listening to me??) Only after completing 1 through 10 should you even begin considering motor modifications. Unless you have a TON of extra cash in which case I am looking for sponsors!
  3. Mythplaced

    Enclosed Trailer Setups

    6X12 interior space.. 2 full size & 1 PW50 That couch on the left folds out into a full size bed.
  4. Mythplaced

    where in CO?

    Windsor Right between Two Rivers & VDR!
  5. Wives and girlfriends are funny that way, aren't they??
  6. YES Alpinestarts Bionic suit.. LOVE IT I'll never go back
  7. Mythplaced

    forward air shipping 'crates'

    Dude, Go to your dealership and get an OEM crate. Ship it via motor freght (class 100), do NOT have delivered to your home, do a terminal pick up. The most it should cost is $3-400, and take 3-5 days. I've bought several bikes from around the USA, and this is the way to go! Forward air starts @ $500
  8. Mythplaced

    F3 VS. F4 Fastway pegs

    seat=SDG tall JMHO I'd like to know the diff too, try calling fasway???
  9. Mythplaced

    Shipping Costs

    If it is crated in a factory crate, you can get a motorfreight carrier to haul it for around $300.
  10. Mythplaced

    Old Guys

    Now THAT is MX!
  11. Mythplaced

    Anyone Clean Your Bike In A Car Wash

    I never use a carwash or a powerwasher. Powerwashers force too much water into places I'd rather water not go.. I use a hose and brushes at home. Then a blow-off with air, and final dry with towels, followed by a full lubrication. It takes more effort, but I also get to check all the nuts, bolts and parts for looseness, check the frame for cracks, and "know" my ride. Call me obsessive, but thats how I do it.
  12. Mythplaced

    why did 4-strokes become so popular?

    I am "borrowing" this response from an aquaintance, (someone on this board, you know who you are) If you want to take credit go ahead.....This was just the best answer to this question I have ever read. It really isnt the tree huggers (at least in 49 of the United States) if anyone thinks any of the current crop of high strung 4 strokes- with thier long exhaust cam durations,, and rich jetting for hp.. meet emmisions standards i have some nice tropical island property to sell you here in XXXXX. thats marketing hype and pablum. The real reasons are far more basic. and understandable. They make more $$$ 1. The R&D in those thumper engines crosses over and applies to many other things that any of the big 4, manufactuer (the 2 stroke R & D doesn't many make cars and street bikes as well as many other things ) so they save R&D funding a bit. larger profit margin vs R&D cost. more $$ 2,They can market and sell them as the latest greatest advancement.. (and slide the emmisions angle which isnt true in there) yet they require more R&D and trickmetals to be competitive so can sell them for more, and guys gladly pay it..or at least understand and feel they get value for it.. (even thoufgh the same R&D ,and trick materials could have produced some amazing 2 strokes) they make more $$ 3.the maintence routines are about the same..yet the ti valves etc cost more and there are more parts that need routine replacement.. they make more $$ 4. general buying public isnt as used to working on the thumpers. this does a few things.. makes them trade in more often. so they change bikes more often OEMs/dealers make more $$ the same thoughts of the general buying public make a used thumper less valuable to them.. so trade in is less. more $$ made. anyway this isnt a rant against the thumpers , they are great bikes.. ....., its all good ....either way.. just dont buy into the marketing hype.. and recognize they are doing it for very fundamental reasaons in business. profit margin. the buying public gets a great bike,, and the OEMs make more money? win win? well for them, yes. for us, ity would have been cool to see how far the 2 stroke would have advances with gsome seriuos R&D invested.. BTW - if you dont believe me read the lastest OEM ads in new zealand mags where they still are selling/marketing the 2 strokes and in the ad's proclaiming how much better the 2 strokes are for better handling, lighter weight, less expensive to operate, and ease of maintence etc.. yet run all thumper ads here.. think about it
  13. Mythplaced

    Here;s the word, Direct from Kawasaki

    You got it malf! Most importantly, and I quote.... "...2-strokes offer riders more power and a competitive race bike with lower maintenance costs... " This is right from the manufacturer's mouth!