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  1. husqagiva

    How old are you and what Huskys...

    39 years old, lets see....Huskys, '82 CR430, '87 TX510, '00 SM610S, '04 WR250, Cagivas.....2 '84 WMX250, '85 WMX500.....not to mention numerous Kabooms.what's next maybe a TE OR TC250? who knows? Although the Gassers really sound nice maybe an EC300.....hhhhmmmm.....
  2. husqagiva

    Rmz-450 Sm

    Would the 4 speed trans limit it on some tracks or could you gear it to overcome this?
  3. husqagiva

    No replacement plastic for Husky's???

    Parts Unlimited will be carrying some of the '05-'06 husky plastics, graphics and seat covers, however, they are on B/O untill mid-late March. Have your dealer do a new product search on P.U.'s on-line dealer system.
  4. husqagiva

    Anyone Make a "Full" Front Disk Guard

    Call your local parts unlimited dealer and ask for part # 18-6495-00 it is on the bottom of page 656 in the '05 parts unlimited off-road catalog, then just pick the colored cover on the right hand of the page.However,the fitment says '99-'04 and the P.U. tech guy couldn't tell me if they would fit the '06.
  5. husqagiva

    Anyone Make a "Full" Front Disk Guard

    Acerbis has the Spider disc cover, you buy the mount kit that is specific to the bike, then the cover itself in whatever color you want. according to the fitment chart they have a husky fitment thru '04 not sure about your '06 though. maybe give 'em a call. good luck.
  6. husqagiva

    06 plastic on 04?

    I still think the '86-'87 WMX125 was and is the best looking dirt bike ever made, like sex on wheels!! ......... okay,.... sorry, maybe I just need a date? I remeber telling guys that the grey seat covers where made from elephant hide, hence, the elephant logo. Husqagiva
  7. husqagiva

    06 plastic on 04?

    Joe Chod, Yeah!! I like the way you think. Husqagiva
  8. husqagiva

    06 plastic on 04?

    HUSKYTONE keep us posted on the '04-'06 WR250 bodywork conversion as I plan on doing this myself to my '04, I love ,love ,love the red white color scheme. Hey by the way, why the 4-stroke tank and not the stock '06 WR tank? would it have been an easier bolt up?. I was also thinkin of an all red dare I say "CAGIVA" WR250 with red Cemoto plastics mmmm ..... tasty!! Husqagiva