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  1. I just wanted to thank everyone for the great suggestions. The information that you provided is very helpful.
  2. Hi, my son is interested in racing supermini and I was wondering if I could get some advice on how to upgrade the motor. I read on AMA that the supermini class is up to a 112cc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Ok, makes sense. I guess I will go try to find some heavy duty clutch springs and install another clutch. Thanks for your help.
  4. Thanks, does that mean that with the worn springs there is some slippage even when the clutch is engaged?
  5. We try to maintain about the width of a nickel.
  6. Hi, I am wondering how quickly a young rider can burn out a clutch. My 12 year old son has started riding pretty aggressively recently and is slipping the clutch in turns. He needed a new clutch after about 11 races. However, we replaced his clutch and he used up all of the handlebar clutch adjustment after one day of racing. Is there a mechanical problem that could be causing the premature clutch wear? I have talked to him about trying to conserve his clutch and he said that he is not riding any different than he used to. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  7. cardiff

    Toy Hauler Tie-Down Rack - any good????

    Hi, I picked one up for my toy hauler and it works great. They are a bit pricey but after a long weekend of riding I really appreciate not having to muscle my bikes around sideways.
  8. cardiff

    looking into a new cr85, Q&A

    We just went through the same thing and decided to buy an '06 CR85. My son really liked the feel of the bike and hasn't had any problem with the powerband. He had an older Honda and this bike definetely has more pop.
  9. cardiff

    CRF50 Pipes

    Yeah, thats the pipe that my son would like but they are sure are expensive. How much better are they than the other pipes?
  10. cardiff

    CRF50 Pipes

    We are trying to decide what pipe to get for a CRF50 with an 88 bore kit still running stock pipe. Right now we are considering the Sano, BBR big bore and a Five-O. Appreciate any feedback on which pipe works well, they all seemed priced about the same. Thanks
  11. cardiff

    XR70 Shaking

    We had this happen on our 50, due to a cracked frame.
  12. I have a cheap little 18' Baja and it meets my needs. It has a good size bathroom and refrigerator and sleeps about 4 and is very easy to pull.
  13. Thanks for the tip. This looks like a good tool to keep with the tire irons.
  14. cardiff

    Need help with my son's first bike

    My friends son is 7 and he is racing on a CRF50 but looks like he will be outgrowing the bike within the next 6 months. I think his next bike will be a CRF80 although the other choice would be a KX65 which is lighter and has a better suspension. My son started riding a KX65 at 9 and outgrew it in less than a year. Bottom line, whatever bike you choose he won't be on it very long before you will be looking for a bigger bike.
  15. Hi, I got a flat this weekend. Are there any tricks to changing tires on colored rims without scratching them? Thanks for your help.