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  1. Live in North Van riding in squamish area
  2. My 2014 FE250 out for a ride today
  3. sorry I also have the Berg FE250 which has the 9.5L tank
  4. haha if only I could ride straight for 9 hours. we do stop from time to time to get caught up and rest, but yes we were out for 9 hours
  5. Put on a FMF 4.1 and it runs cooler and sounds amazing. Seems to spool up the power a bit quicker but not a massive difference. Got my suspension set up and now am in love with this bike. Compaired to my 500 this thing is lightning fast in the tight stuff and since Im a lighter guy so it matches perfectly. Also 3 big dirt bike rides of 3 hours each and I still have a third of a tank. Awesome.
  6. Thank you so much for getting me headed in the right direction. I love this bike but the popping on decel is terrible. I think I ride my 250 more just because of it.
  7. Im not sure what the SAS is. I removed the part that was on the side of the cylinder and put the XC-F bolt in.
  8. weird. I removed my exhaust screen and all my smog stuff a long time ago. Finally adjusted my TPS to .640 the other day and it runs fine but the poping and backfiring on decel is worse.
  9. 0 comments

    Awesome bike that has power above most riders. Love it
    Awesome bike that has power above most riders. Love it
  10. To those stalling, i run my idle a bit higher than usual and it definitely helps on my 250 and my 500. Probably not the most technical fix but it works.
  11. Second ride, cruising down some singletrack and mine just shut off. Took it back to the dealer and broke the valve spring on one of the exhaust valves. Very weird since I rode the bike from medium throttle and under.
  12. I just picked up a 2014 Husaberg 250 FE and love it but my other bike is the KTM 500 and would like the 250 to spool up a little quicker, aka bit more power. Looks like the pipe may help. Thanks for starting this thread, ill keep watching
  13. Ride a few weeks back on my 500.