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    TINY BIKE, LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES The best bike out there for the smallest riders. A great tool to learn and sharpen their riding skills safely, with fully adjustable speed and acceleration, and with the capabilities to allow them to progress quickly. Check out www.Kuberg.com for full details and google for more info. Our kid was riding this before he was able to pedal his bicycle at 3 without training wheels, now he is ready for the bigger Kuberg, we are staying with the same brand, it has been flawless. Throw it in the trunk of a car, fit in our Jetta, no oil or gas to spill, lay it down, ride it at the local park. This is the real thing, not a toy, rated at 220#'s. Minor scratches and wear, tires are still great. $1300 new. Compare to the Chinese built Oset, these are built in the Czech Republic in the same factory building adult electric trials bikes. Both top speed and torque adjustable. Email your number, these don't last long! GET TO THE HEART OF YOUR BIKE (available) The Kuberg Volt App is an entire motorcycle toolkit inside your pocket. Use the app to talk to your bike and relay pertinent information in real time. Available for iOS and Android. Adjust the bike's speed and torque to match your or your child's level of comfort. Password protect the settings to prevent your child from changing them. Limit how far your child can ride by setting a perimeter. Traveling beyond the perimeter will slow the bike to its lowest speed alerting your child that it's time to turn back. Keep track of your speed and battery life. Attach your phone to the handlebars and use it as a speedometer while keeping an eye on how much battery life remains. CONTROLLER PWM INPUT STANDARD Standard 110V or 220V PEAK POWER 1 kW TRANSMISSION Clutchless one speed FINAL DRIVE 9T / 13T FRAME Steel double cradle tube frame, powder-coated WHEELBASE 32" (82cm) SEAT HEIGHT 15/17" (39cm without seat, 44cm with seat option) HANDLEBAR HEIGHT 25.5" (65cm) FRONT BRAKE V type REAR BRAKE Band type FORKS Spinner Grind suspension fork SHOCK ABSORBER Spring TIRES 12.5" x 2.4" SEAT OPTIONAL Yes WI-FI READY Yes STREET LEGAL No


  2. Another shameless plug, our boy was riding his 2016 Kuberg after the strider. He was able to pedal his bicycle by 3yo. Turning 5 in 6 weeks, looking to buy the next size Kuberg, ours is for sale in Flagstaff, az.
  3. I find the parker front to last well and the best at pulling up out of ruts, even grabby at times. The back makes a peninsula run easy if you aren't wringing it out... However, I'm slow.
  4. Non moto but we tool the trail 90, 70, and the kids electric Kuberg to GN and BOLA. Whales were amazing and the wife and boy saves a sea turtle! http://<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/Al_Z3qIlaxc" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe> http://<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/bzv4-MjtdQs" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  5. First one is the wife and I riding across in Tecate, just our bikes and us. We have done that a few other times, the 2nd one is riding to cabo w BBM and 3 kick ass wives. Plan to return this Nov w BBM again and ride to Cabo with yet another first time wife rider in for the full pull. We leave in a week to go pet the whales with our 4yo, his 8th trip on the outside, 3 on the inside, found out she was pregnant on a ride down there. Viva Baja!!!
  6. May I recommend http://asracinginc.com??? They build bikes for some Baja heavy hitters. I went with SS TRX valves in both the wife and my 450x's, 400 hrs on my current head and starts like a champ, hot or cold. Ive worn out a starter clutch, not the starter yet...
  7. After the first shimming over 100+ hrs start to plan for it, the shimming will last less and less then you are bummed. Most likely depends on how hard you ride, I got my head done at 180 and now 400 on the rebuilt. I did SS TRX valves from AS Racing, same on the wife's 450x at 175 hrs, highly recommended, I did a piston and 02 r cam and new chain also. Have heard to go with the TRX 3 ring piston but I don't burn much oil at all so just went OEM.
  8. I'm knocking at 600 hrs, put a head w ss TRX valves from AS Racing and OEM piston at 200 hrs. Rotella and pretty good maintenance. Primarily my Baja dual sport bike these days, never sees the limiter. Just finished the legends ride in baja without missing a beat. Trying to decide on a crank or not, just got the clutch back to new, going to do bearings, shock, forks, cables, and brakes. Peninsula run again in November, we will see....
  9. I think most Kendas are DOT. Love the Parkers for dual sport/baja riding.
  10. I went from an XR400 to the 450x (2006), I've crested 520 hrs on the 450x, my second bike ever... You will fondly remember the xr but not need to go back. My dilemma was to get a newer x or a trail bike, keeping the x for Baja and picked up a 15 wr250x with 48 hrs on it, my third bike ever. Amazing bike, if Honda came out with a new 450x it will be the replacement for my mex bike in a few years. The wife just passed 200 hrs on her 2005 450x, just no need to get new baja bikes, this is where they shine and with a new head every once in a while just keep going! Her husaberg te250 makes her happy up here in the woods.
  11. Coldest beer in town!!
  12. I go rotella for all my bikes. Have you ever heard of a moto engine fail due to bad oil? Sure, out of oil but not bad... And to Krannie, knew you couldn't leave. Makes me happy, I learned a ton.
  13. You are correct, out nearest track is 2 hours away but we have 100's of miles of forest single track just 2 pavement miles away! Those guys have yz450's for the track...