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  1. BMRFlagstaff

    2019 Honda CRF450X Owner Review

    My wr250 with the yz chip n tune is pretty sweet for the woods/trail. All my fx friends are still trying to get their suspension to work like mine...
  2. BMRFlagstaff

    Do you use a manual cam chain tensioner???

    640 hrs on my x, same tensioner. A solution looking for a problem imho. With my bikes, the wife’s and our 5yo in general I’m lucky to wash them off, don’t need another thing to fiddle with.
  3. BMRFlagstaff

    License plate holder

    Up here in the az mountains most of ours are gently bent around the upper part of the fork between the upper n lower triple and then zip tied. Can see it better while moving imo, and haven’t lost one yet. I’d go color copy to the fender if I ever got flack for the fork mount
  4. BMRFlagstaff

    Any way to paint a clear oversized tank?

  5. BMRFlagstaff

    Does your wife/GF ride motorsports or nah?

    We just got back from our 2nd peninsula ride from Tecate to Cabo 1 week ago! She was racing a year before me, has started off the line in Ensenada in a stock full and came across the finish line in San Felipe winning the stock full class. Separated her shoulder once and collarbone a different time in Baja. She's tougher then I am! Kristie kills it! We ride with some pretty heavy hitter women also, Jen Morton, Annie Borling, Jackie, and more. Both Kristie and Annie have 1W plates here in AZ. Props to all the ladies out there going for it, putting around camp on a 230 or Ironwomaning the Mil! Bro Ho in a truck at the track not so much...
  6. BMRFlagstaff

    New headlight?

    The plug n play is doable for finishing a ride at night, but not the best. The full light w the stator rewind adds some complexity, charging to the batt drops 13.5ish v instead of 14.5ish with oem. I haven’t had issues w the bd rewind and the full light power is significantly better. Just finished a ride w 3 rewound and 5 plug n plays. I will get a full rewind on my next one too.
  7. BMRFlagstaff

    450x Baja Build

    After watching Colton get off at his 204 pit in San Felipe for the mil I’m waking up in Cabo w the wife. Our war pigs hit 644 and 320 hours on this peninsula run w just basic mods, head, and I have a cam. Amazing machines to start with and you, frenchy, have definitely taken it up a notch! Congrats now go make some dust!!! My 6th full pull and the wife’s second.
  8. BMRFlagstaff

    What all should I replace when I have the motor torn apart?

    Trx oem stainless from the quad. Need a pro like the doc who knows what they are doing cut the head a tiny bit bigger as the intakes are a smidge bigger
  9. BMRFlagstaff

    might adding a blue bike to the stable

    I have a 16 wr250 and it is a bitchin trail bike, still the 450x for DS and baja, none better in my opinion for the desert. 1st and 2nd at the Mil 2018!
  10. BMRFlagstaff

    Baja 1000 2018

    55x, my sleeper pic...
  11. BMRFlagstaff

    2019 450X Media Reviews and Videos

    I disagree, kicked my 06 on a 2 day last month, miraculously mine and 1000’s of other 450x’s didn’t break. I’d call it functional. Have a great rest of the weekend!
  12. BMRFlagstaff

    Starter acting weak

    The slavens racing website has a good starter rebuild video. He uses 2 o rings and 2 tweezers. Worked for me.
  13. BMRFlagstaff

    2019 450X Media Reviews and Videos

    All my friends with yz track and off-road bikes kick em and they are fi. First kick charges the system, 2nd starts it. No button available.
  14. BMRFlagstaff

    2019 450X Media Reviews and Videos

    After this trip I'll be looking for a 2016ish original tires 450x and transfer my good stuff. Then in 5 years I'll reassess...