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  1. BMRFlagstaff


    I'm happy w our 14/48 set up. I'd question top speed of 100 per the gearing commander, I've seen low 90's on a slight downhill on a dry lake.
  2. BMRFlagstaff

    08 450X starter issues

    Check out Slavens racing for a tip rebuilding the starter and dropping the armature in past the brushes. Wife has a Husaberg trail bike and the starter pooped at 620 hours. $25 rebuild kit and back in business, was so easy to R&R I was jealous coming from my x... Mine still starts at 600 hrs though, did replace the starter clutch a 100 or so ago. I tell myself the KTM's expect to break so they make them easy to replace!
  3. I have used spray paint on both sides of a head gasket then torqued it down as a survival plan in Bay of La and I made it to Cabo! I'd go new. I have a 152, 45, NCYS on the third, stronger pumper spring, ground the rivet, 50 leak jet for 450 hours (590 total on the bike) and live here in Flagstaff too. I ride the trails here to sea level in Baja and never change anything. It squirts gas straight into the the manifold, my thought is fine tuning jets on a pumper 450 4t is frequently overthought. The wife's 450x has a 162, 45, JD red on the 4th, stronger spring and a 50 leak. I have an 02 R cam, mine is a torque monster, hers is quicker. We both have TRX valves in the rebuilt AS Heads. Leaving in Nov for another Cabo run and not going to change a thing on either. Except bought her a new BD LED sport with the plug n play AC DC converter, arrived today! PS, I hear 2 base gaskets is the ticket... but I'm an endurance guy, never lost a race due to giving up a few HP, my ship is faster then this captain can sail her.
  4. BMRFlagstaff

    200w stator

    Check out the Sept 4th post above...
  5. BMRFlagstaff

    200w stator

    I think I had a 200w, built up a relay so light on with the motor. Forgetting on and off was a struggle. Just ordered the $200 LED plug n play for the wife 450x from BD, I wished I saw the coupon, bummer. Another peninsula run this November and last time I had to give her my moto on the night finish days... BD service is amazing, I ended up with a stator issue with both ignition and lighting coils, sent them a new one and they made it right! I'll always support them for both their products and their service.
  6. BMRFlagstaff


    I do not agree. You are referring to KTM's on the crf450x site? I have at least 10,000 baja miles and keep rebuilding the rekluse. I started riding older and fit Krannies description pretty much spot on. The wife has rekluse's on her Husaberg 2t and her 450x. I have the sweet one on my wr250 and the cheapo on my baja bike. I know a Baja tour dude who isn't totally against them anymore and that says a lot! He had to set up a guy with one arm, the left one, to ride the peninsula with us. Brake and throttle on the left, crazy. It works for us... if it doesn't for you then you get to spend $400/$800 on something else!
  7. BMRFlagstaff

    Crank bearing service life

    Yep, I'm slow... never hit the limiter and only occasionally wind it out on a dry lake.
  8. BMRFlagstaff

    05-07 08-17 Chain guides

    More then the guide get the Bullet Proof Designs swing arm guide. I just checked their site and don't see any for Honda anymore. I've seen a few bikes needed to be loaded up even after a local welded it back on. We have them on all 4 of our bikes, with the BRP's.
  9. BMRFlagstaff

    What's wrong with this bike !?

    I thought the ti valves were hard, they wallowed out the head after the coating wears out. SS are softer and don’t wear out the head. The fancy folks replace the seats w berellyum or something that is supposed to hold up to the ti... That was my understanding
  10. BMRFlagstaff

    Baja Designs CRF450X General Discussion

    Is this still current? Cabo run in nov. I have the full set up and made my own relay since using the switch and my memory are incompatible. The wife has a stocker. 2 of the other riders said they called about this set up and ended up getting the full monte. Is the $200 version still plug n play?
  11. BMRFlagstaff

    2” rox risers ?

    Never thought of 1/2 riser on top of my brp set up... digging in the extra parts tomorrow!
  12. BMRFlagstaff


    Me too...
  13. BMRFlagstaff

    2008 Model.. Should I give it a rebuild?

    Smokey, when you say you’ve seen rods snap way to much are you talking 5, 15, 25? I’m knocking at 600 hrs, ridden collectively with 50,000 + miles in Baja and haven’t seen that much, granted pretty well maintained rides but generally more then 150 hours. I love working on bikes and keep em maintained, like you said to each his own. We are all different. Thanks
  14. BMRFlagstaff

    What's a CRF 450 X like in the woods?

    Siiii, it was a wicked lil climb. Her trials skills were what made it happen.
  15. BMRFlagstaff

    What's a CRF 450 X like in the woods?

    It is all I had for 4 years as both a Baja and woods bike. Tight rocky single track up here. It was a bit much for the wife on her 450x so got her a te250 for woods work... then a wr250 for me! As they say, it’s the captain not the ship. Watched Laia Sanz outride Chili, Johnny, PAB and more in a multi staged hill climb contest and she probably had 5-10 hrs total on the bike, it was amazing! The boys are no slouches as you know... she is at “that” level.