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  1. I thought the ti valves were hard, they wallowed out the head after the coating wears out. SS are softer and don’t wear out the head. The fancy folks replace the seats w berellyum or something that is supposed to hold up to the ti... That was my understanding
  2. Is this still current? Cabo run in nov. I have the full set up and made my own relay since using the switch and my memory are incompatible. The wife has a stocker. 2 of the other riders said they called about this set up and ended up getting the full monte. Is the $200 version still plug n play?
  3. Never thought of 1/2 riser on top of my brp set up... digging in the extra parts tomorrow!
  4. Me too...
  5. Smokey, when you say you’ve seen rods snap way to much are you talking 5, 15, 25? I’m knocking at 600 hrs, ridden collectively with 50,000 + miles in Baja and haven’t seen that much, granted pretty well maintained rides but generally more then 150 hours. I love working on bikes and keep em maintained, like you said to each his own. We are all different. Thanks
  6. Siiii, it was a wicked lil climb. Her trials skills were what made it happen.
  7. It is all I had for 4 years as both a Baja and woods bike. Tight rocky single track up here. It was a bit much for the wife on her 450x so got her a te250 for woods work... then a wr250 for me! As they say, it’s the captain not the ship. Watched Laia Sanz outride Chili, Johnny, PAB and more in a multi staged hill climb contest and she probably had 5-10 hrs total on the bike, it was amazing! The boys are no slouches as you know... she is at “that” level.
  8. No kicker on the 2019
  9. Wasn’t a full liter in the trans side supposed to help? I’ve always ran 1000cc’s
  10. We have 3 shorai batts and 1 Evo, all great. I tried a tusk a few years ago and did not have as much luck. As a good customer for RM they confirmed their excellent customer service and took the battery back. They may have improved but I’ll just go for one of the name brands for the extra $30ish. 3+ years on all of ours presently.
  11. I think you can use most chargers as long as they don’t have a desulfiting setting or something like that. We have lithium batts on all 4 bikes. Use a tusk or battery tender without issue. They get sassy when it’s cold out...
  12. Its AS (you know what you are talking about....) RACING??
  13. Just rebuilt 2 3.0's for the season and a wrap up with the wife and I running to Cabo in November. Something like $170 each, we have them on the trail bikes too. Love em!
  14. I vote tusk