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  1. Magically all the '04's were sold when I got to the dealership this morning, but they had a killer deal on an '06 for $2900 o.t.d. Nope, no thanks
  2. I found a local dealer that picked up 4 brand new '04 150f's from Honda. Price is $2200 ea., what do you guys think? I'm kinda tempted to pull the trigger
  3. Does anyone know if any other knock-off brake systems will work on an RCM 125X - need caliper, brake line and rotor that will work with stock hub. Or a location for an RCM dealer would be great.
  4. There will be a mini race after the pro supermoto race at the Palace of Auburn Hills, July 8th in Michigan. 3 classes 50 stock pitbike national rules 50 mod pitbike national rules unlimited run what you brung (No CRF150, TTR125,DRZ125,KLX125) classes limited to 20 to 25 guys sign up on line now at $5000 purse
  5. Here's a new site for pitbikes, under construction still.
  6. For general info I wanted to get everyones thoughts on their ideal class rules for motard racing. Below are mine, feel free to add your thoughts. We have a few leagues all with varying rules here in Michigan (which I would love to see all altered in their own way). The factors I'm trying to base my ideas are on maintaining a level playing field and not blowing anyones budget to fun ratio. If anyone would like detailed reasoning behind these rules I'll be glad to elaborate. 50SS - No internal motor/trans modifcations, aftermarket seat, suspension, wheels, gearing, bars, rev box and pipe are allowed. Any 10" tire. 88cc - Limited to 88cc and 26mm carb. 10" wheels/tires. Any clutch. Chassis must be 50 based. Open - Must run a 10" or 12" wheel combo on either a 110 or 50 chassis.
  7. The website is still down, but picked up a flyer today for McCullochs Pro-mx track set to open in March/April of this year in Holly twp. Supposed to include a purpose built pitbike track, 2 sr. tracks, 1 jr. track plus an indoor track opening in the fall with both jr. & sr. tracks. Dixie Hwy & I-75. Should be a lot closer than Prosource or Milan for most people. here's the website if it gets running -
  8. Do you know who makes the motor?
  9. I've got a buddy with a chance to trade his street bike for what appears to be a UPC Pro125. Anybody got anything on this bike? I searched and found one comment that it is the same as the Thumpstar, is it a knock-off of that bike? Frame looks the same as Omnicron's. Price is $2600 Thanks