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  1. Is anyone selling or knows someone selling a stock fuel tank for a 1999 yz400f. I have an oversized (not sure how many gallons) acerbis tank on the bike now, willing to sell or trade this tank for factory one or just purchase the factory tank.e mail me at jt55t@hotmail.com.
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    99 yz 400

    it looks like you are a little cocky.
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    99 yz 400

    Thanks for your help guys. The first ride was before i read this and boy did my life suck when i could not start this machine i was about to sell it immediately!. But does anyone know of anyone selling factory plastics (blue) for a 99 YZF 400 this bike was retro fitted to white plastics and it is starting to bother me. thanks! Also what is up with the oil cap in the frame is this where you add oil? Sorry for the stupid questions but this is my first four stroke i grew up on two strokes and now i have crossed over to the other side.
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    99 yz 400

    I just traded my rm 250 for a 99 yzf 400. It seems to be in top running condition and fairly clean. Is there anything to look out for before my first ride.