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  1. jersey450

    06 trx450r suspension help

    have you set your race sag or are you just going by feel? If you spend the time setting your suspension it will pay back big. make sure the front sits 1/8 to 1/4 inch higher and depending on your type of riding set your ground clearance. GThunder did my suspension I also run one of their GNCC links I am very happy with the results. and considering every thing was under $1000 you cant beat it. They convert the front to duel rate and revalve the rear for their link. They also offer a MX link if that is what you do. i took my Elka shocks off after riding a GThunder equiped 450r you wont believe the differance even with "stock" shocks
  2. jersey450

    450r bogging down

    I had the same problem going way big on the main jet helped but it still ran like crap. unplug the cdi and apply dielectric grease and plug it back in you should probably do all the plugs while your at it. But that cleared up my problem that was almost a year ago. Just make sure you grease all the plugs when ever you are in their.
  3. jersey450

    o4 trx 450 popping at idle then dies

    check your valves again. if their was sand on any of the valves it will quickly eat into the valve seat. If they are tight again it may be time to get them done. Also I have never seen it on a honda 450 but on a yamaha and suzuki I have seen the valves get tight and overheat and bend the cam. Highly unlikly with hondas cam carrier but worth checking out.Dont forget to back the tensioner off when you adjust the valves. good luck
  4. jersey450

    Honda oil transfer

    while running tran oil is getting in the motor and over filling the engine oil only seems to happen when the motor is running not if it sits over night any1 have the same/similar problem or and suggestions???
  5. jersey450

    04 yz 250f caught fire

    the backfire screen was in and the bike was running great plug looks good (greyish brown) did anybody have a simuilar problem???? sorry the air filter got burnt so did the seat. the airbox was destroyed. their is a melted spot on the air box over the pipe and a hole melted their but no melted plastic on the pipe. going by the plug the jetting was right on and I didn't hear or feel it backfire. seemed to be running great until it stalled and I realized it was on fire.Most of the seal around the air filter still has grease on it it only burnt at the very top at the boot but the whole filter is gone. also the airbox only burnt on the side not the bottom just, over the pipe is the only damage on the bottom. Also the seat burnt but I think that is from the filter burning. Inside the air boot looks clean no soot or burn marks. the back side of the carb is slightly brown. Is that right? or could it be from trying to breath fire. I use air filter oil not spray. Never had a problem before. no jetting change but did recently do a new bottom end and ring set. Could it be air bound and over heating? Again I never had a problem before