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  1. ande5657

    look for bikes

    anyone have any good sites for used dirt bikes?
  2. ande5657

    no mods?

    are they really not much to do to pw 80 carb work or something?
  3. ande5657

    pw 80 exhaust

    is there any way of opening up muffler any sound like not getting enough exhaust to get rpms?any help greatly appreciated oh and does those pipes have screens that could get smoked up because of smoke?
  4. ande5657

    sons pw 80

    was wanting to know if i was removing stricter plate at exhaust at motor is it a coil of copper or is that the gasket?and if so is there a good pipe for sons bike
  5. ande5657

    TTR 90

    try x-tender.com added 4" to boys bike i takes about 1 hour and two people cause vise hased to be used