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  1. With a 30k budget you could get a real nice 3 gen 5.9 24v CR (03-07.5) with a manual tranny "recommended". Or you could get a nice 6.7 (07.6-present) any year really though i think i would lean towards the newer body style with a crew cab (2010-present). You could also get a 12v but that you only set you back 10k and then you would have 20k to do with what you please.
  2. 2cool4u

    so i need a "new" truck....

    I would say you are going to be looking at a early 90's 3/4 or 1 ton trucks. It depends on what is in your aera and how many miles you will be driving a year. The more miles you drive the more a diesel makes sense. If you are not gonna be driving alot i would suggest a big gas 7.5L, v10, 8.1L. But if you are going to go diesel i would suggest either, a first or second generation cummins or a ford 7.3. The cummins will run longer and get better mpg but they are usually beat to death. Where as you can get a 7.3 cheaper and if you dont need 4x4 you can get a lot more truck for your money in a 2wd.
  3. 2cool4u

    NV4500 hard shifting

    I dont know if this is your problem but some of the nv4500s in the dodges have a problem with the fifth gear nut backing off. One of the pre-cursors is hard shifting in fifth gear. The fix is to replace or weld the nut back on.
  4. 2cool4u

    Indy track map?

    Thanks, sorry to be a pain but does anyone know what derection the track will be i am thinking not but i want to be in the bottom corner to se the wall sand and holeshot.
  5. 2cool4u

    Supercross Indy track map?

    Does anyone have a track map for indy?
  6. 2cool4u

    Iron Pony Columbus, OH

    I think they are open but they may be closed for the "motorcycle dealer show" dont know and unless you need a part now i would suggest just driving up the next chance you get.
  7. you can put 35's on but it will rub the upper control arm at full lock for best mpg keep it around 1750rpm. good info at http://www.dieseltruckresource.com/dev/index.php and http://www.cumminsforum.com/forum/
  8. 2cool4u

    Josh Grant should be banned for life by AMA

    Its not like JG is gonna come out and say "i just blasted the crap out of RV on purpose" then he would be a complete retard of course he is gonna say that it was a accident. Only he knows for sure whether or not it was intentional.
  9. I would look for a f-150 with a 300 straight six you can find them dirt cheep <1000 and the straight six is indestructible thats why otr trucks use them BTW this should be in trucks trailers RVs and toy haulers
  10. 2cool4u

    Bubba and Reed in the mud

    wasnt that the race Ricky lapped the entire field
  11. I found one http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Other-Makes-YZ150F-Yamaha-YZ150F-YZ-F-150-Pit-Bike-Thumper-Dirt-4-Stroke_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ6719QQihZ009QQitemZ190148271419QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVW
  12. 2cool4u

    Latest, Lowest price on a new 06 YZ250 ?

    They don't have any left me and my old man bought the last two. Sorry
  13. 2cool4u

    leftover bikes?

    http://www.cycletrader.com/adsearch/cyclesearchprocess.html just reform the search to your needs Ifound a couple on my first search http://adcache.cycletrader.com/5/2/3/84536123.htm http://adcache.cycletrader.com/5/0/3/88965103.htm
  14. I'm pretty he was talking about Honda East of Toledo http://www.hondaeasttoledo.com/ search cycle trader for there prices. Best i have found in the area:thumbsup:
  15. 2cool4u

    06 y250 v.s. 07 yz250

    Thanks i guess ill get the 06