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  1. Honda 65 pm sent thanks
  2. When you say current stuff.........approx how far back? thanks
  3. I run one and have a two part answer. I have a bad lef hand and yes it is very good for the woods and for giving my hand a break, but I miss the ability to clutch off the start and slip when I need it. I know their are people who say theres work off the line, but mine just locks up two soon for a great start. I have the std version, the pro would be much better.
  4. Bottom is what i'm looking for. Already have the gnarly pipe with jd jetting. I still think more is to be had. I'll try the head gasket and get some race fuel. Thanks bob
  5. Chokey, If I run the thinner gasket, is a 50/50 ratio of race fuel to std fuel likely to be enough to avoid detenation? Will the higher compression require different jetting? thanks Bob
  6. Please post a price for the brackets. thanks
  7. I want brackets please!!! Sell them Please!
  8. 52 74 125 (2) 74 250 mag 73 400 06 610te Loved them all
  9. I would have never thought of that!
  10. Man thats a good looking set of tanks. Would you mind sending me or posting a list of supplies? thanks bob
  11. Do you have any jetting issues with your KX? Mine cold fouls and I'm having trouble fixing it. Whats your jetting if you don't mind? thanks
  12. I have a 06 610 also, what does it mean to decat? And where do you find the instructions for this mod? thanks bob
  13. Thanks guys......I think I'll just leave it alone then for CO. When I get back to KS I'll do the airbox mods and pink wire when I have time to experiment. take care
  14. Do I need to or do these bikes run lean enough already that it does not need it. Bone stock, no mods 06 thanks