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  1. I had a similiar problem and bought a battery tender for about 30 bucks. Comes with a pigtail you can leave attached so don't have to remove the sideplate to plug it in. I leave in plugged in whenever the bike is in the garage.
  2. Does anybody know where I can find graphics for the ims tank? I looked and haven't had any luck.
  3. Thanks!! I am just glad to get all of the extra crap off my bike. Don't know how I got stuck with a cali bike in Washington.
  4. Ok I have 2004 drz400s and some how I got the california model. I put the ims 3.2 tank on and took off all of the Emissions stuff but I still have one extra tube and it is not the vaccum line. Do I just plug the line? A buddy said it might be a vappor recovery line. Any ideas. Has anyone else had the same problem?